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Vartega wins grant for carbon fiber recycling

Vartega wins grant for carbon fiber recycling
The money, from the State of Colorado, will help fund expansion of Vartega’s carbon fiber recycling program in Golden, Colo.

Episode 28: Andrew Maxey, Vartega

Episode 28: Andrew Maxey, Vartega
Vartega’s Andrew Maxey discusses carbon fiber waste, carbon fiber recovery, and the still-growing market for recovered fibers.

recycled carbon fiber

The state of recycled carbon fiber
As the need for carbon fiber rises, can recycling fill the gap?

National Composites Week

National Composites Week takes place Aug. 26-30
Each day features a different theme celebrating the composites manufacturing industry.

Carbon fiber recycler Vartega expands capacity

Carbon fiber recycler Vartega expands capacity
Colorado-based Vartega cuts the ribbon to officially open its new 10,000-square-foot manufacturing space for the recycling of uncured carbon fiber prepregs.

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Vartega awarded $255k in grant funding
Vartega was recently awarded grants from the National Science Foundation and the state of Colorado for R&D into carbon fiber polymer powder for additive manufacturing applications, and for expansion of its advanced material recycling program.

recycled carbon fiber

Composites recycling — no more excuses
Columnist Dale Brosius outlines six actionable levels of composites recycling that fabricators should follow.

Musings on my first CAMX
Insights and inspiration from the 2018 Composites and Advanced Materials Expo which was held in Dallas, TX, US last week. 

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IACMI consortium aims to close the loop on automotive carbon fiber prepreg scrap
Carbon fiber recycling start up Vartega leads a project to close the loop on automotive carbon fiber prepreg manufacturing scrap for use in new automotive applications.


Sustainable thermoplastics and additive manufacturing alliance forms in Colorado
Vartega, the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association and a group of industry and academic partners have founded an Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing Infrastructure Development and Education (AMIDE) Alliance.

CAMX 2017: Highlights from the floor

CAMX 2017: Highlights from the floor
3D printing and nanotechnology developments promise to cut time and cost in composite structures production while recycling and sustainability continue to grow in importance.

Vartega and Sojitz Aerospace announce collaboration
Vartega Inc. (Golden, CO, US) and Sojitz Aerospace Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) will be jointly exhibiting Vartega’s novel carbon fiber recycling technology and materials at the upcoming CAMX 2017 trade show and conference.

Composites recycling is gaining traction

Composites recycling is gaining traction
Although CW’s coverage of composites recycling dates back over a decade, informal statistics still show that only ~2% of composites-related companies are active recyclers. That said, three years since our most recent feature on the subject, there is demonstrably greater interest and activity, and real applications of recycled fiber are growing.

The carbon fiber reclaimed from waste.

Composites recycling: Gaining traction
Recycling of carbon fiber, glass fiber and — at last — resins, is growing as new players enter the space.

Vartega beta machine

Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling’s open house unveils ambitious aspirations
The Colorado-based startup’s solvolysis-based fiber reclamation process is poised to move into pilot production in partnership with the Colorado School of Mines.

Vartega shows positive results of recycled carbon fiber testing

Vartega shows positive results of recycled carbon fiber testing
US-based Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling has begun characterization of its material, and has received a letter of support from Janicki Industries, which will start to assess the fiber as well.

New technologies and companies at CAMX 2015

New technologies and companies at CAMX 2015
Final rundown of “finds” from CAMX, from technology for cutting composites and joining CFRP to metal for hybrid parts to companies offering training, textiles and NDT.

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