United Composites BV

De Peppel 24
Zeewolde , 3891 BC NL


Product Categories of United Composites BV

Architectural design
Armor, ceramic
Armor, composite
Carbon/carbon composites
Ceramic matrix composite casting
Ceramic matrix composites
Civil engineering
Coating and painting
Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
Composite, fiberglass
Composite, other
Composite, prepreg
Compression molding
Consulting, business development/acquisition
Consulting, health and safety
Consulting, materials
Consulting, other
Consulting, process development
Consulting, procurement/purchasing/specification
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Diaphragm forming
Hand layup
Hybrid materials
Infrastructure, composite
Injection molding
Laminate panels, with core
Materials analysis
Metal, aluminum
Metal, other
Moldmaking and patternmaking
Other composite structures
Product design
Resin injection
Resin transfer molding (RTM)
RTM/resin infusion
Surface treatment
Testing, product
Testing, structural
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)