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Torr Technologies manufactures and sells vacuum bagging systems and vacuum bagging components such as hoses, quick-disconnects, probes, pumps, fittings, silicone rubber sheeting and silicone rubber extrusion.

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Product Categories of Torr Technologies Inc.

Bladder molding equipment (formerly pressure bag)
Bonding equipment
Gasket materials for vacuum bags
Hoses, vacuum
Leak detectors
Other primary manufacturing equipment
Presses, diaphragm forming
Presses, thermoforming/pressure forming
Presses, vacuum
Quick disconnects for vacuum hoses
Vacuum bagging materials, other
Vacuum bagging materials, reusable
Vacuum bagging materials, silicone
Vacuum storage chambers
Vacuum valves and pumps
Vacuum/repair tables (heated/unheated)
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding equipment (VARTM