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Composites for repair
Composites offer cost-effective means to repair, protect and/or strengthen structures made of steel, concrete or other materials.

Composites for repair (2015)
Composites now offer a cost-effective means repair and/or strengthen structures made of steel, concrete or other materials.

Carbon fiber: Key to cost-conscious rehab
Carbon composites are effective solutions for repairs and upgrades of reinforced concrete.


Composites repair
As more composite materials find a place on aircraft, boats, bridges and hundreds of other applications where part replacement is both difficult and expensive, OEM engineers are considering the repairability of structural and secondary composite components during the initial design phase of a project.

Composite vs. corrosion: Battling for marketshare
Market trends and tighter budgets are helping to expand the use of composites to repair and replace corrosion-damaged infrastructure — aboveground and underground.

Guggenhiem cracks

Restoring a museum masterpiece with composites
Carbon fiber/vinyl ester reinforcement extends the structural life of architectural and art-world landmark.

Trolley used to position segments

Repair Of Infrastructure With Composites
Composites prove their mettle in large, demanding repairs and rehab.

Blast protection

Blast protection for large structures
Hardening of public buildings against terrorist threats represents a potentially huge market for antiballistic composites.

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