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Formula SAE Lawrence Technical University

Racing to build tomorrow’s automotive composites workforce
Recent graduates share experiences gained from collegiate automotive design, engineering and motorsport competition Formula SAE.

Software Update: Simulation saves
A look inside the increasingly well-equipped virtual toolbox for composite design, analysis, and manufacturing.

3D Printing continuous carbon fiber composites?
Additive manufacturing startup MarkForged aims to make it happen and is already marketing systems.

Two visions of 3-D printing in CFRP

Two visions of 3-D printing in CFRP
Freespace Composites and MarkForged pursue different paths to exploit carbon fiber in 3-D printing.

fiberglass reinforced plastic composite pressure vessel design for seawater reverse osmosis

Designing pressure vessels for seawater desalination plants
Safe high-pressure service challenges manufacturers of composite pressure vessels.

Press-molding method emulates autoclave
Rubber tool insert avoids consolidation pressure “dead zones” and slashes cost.

Carbon is the choice for amphibious LSA floats
Superlight, landing-gear-equipped design gives light sport aircraft builders an option for land and water.

Composites as costume: Manga masterpieces
Sophisticated design meets composite materials and manufacturing in cosplay application.

Heavy-duty infusion: Scaling up for scrubbers
Infused 3-D woven fabric preforms best steel in beams and unitized deck structures built for the caustic confines of massive flue gas desulfurization systems.

Portable wind turbine powers the warrior
DARPA-financed program puts wind energy to use for battery and system recharging.

Designing bicycling’s lightest pro racing frame
Cervélo’s Vroomen White Design group combines analysis and manufacturing acumen to create a 675g/1.5 lb composite frame.

Deepsea submersible incorporates composite pressure capsule
Spencer Composites Corp. (Sacramento, Calif.) fabricates the inner carbon/epoxy composite pressure capsule for a submersible deepsea vessel the late Steve Fossett was to take to the depths of the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench.

checking blade shape

Challenge of engineering retrofit blades
 Myriad interrelated design factors are considered in new blades for turbines originally built for high-wind regimes.

Engineering Insights: Conveyor Manufacturer Springs for Composites
Vibratory conveyor a natural fit for flexible, contoured composite spring arms.

Composite rigid inflatable boats adapt for hard work, safe play
Glass, aramid and carbon fiber composites reduce weight and enable modular design and construction of these versatile RIBs.

Killer Bee Unmanned Aircraft

Blended Wing UAV
Unique unmanned craft's robust composite design a plus for rough duty.

NISA II/Compsoite screen shot

FEA Roundup: Design, Simulation And Analysis Converge
New modeling and analysis software products increase the accessibility and reliability of finite element analysis data.

The prototype hull and twin-boom tail assembly for the Ion 100/105.

Plane Enthusiasts Plan LSA-compliant Composite Aircraft
Aspiring owners build and - plan to market - their own tandem seat, twin-boom pusher.

Step 5: The outer screen is robotically removed (large top shown).

Rapid Fiber Preforming On A Large Scale
A proven alternative to open molding of big parts.

Boat hull

Resin infused boat sails into first
When a team of nine engineering students from Cedarville University (Cedarville, Ohio) returned to Buffalo, N.Y. this year for Solar Splash 2005, an international collegiate solar-powered boat competition, it was eager to defend its title as world champion. In 2004, the team's winning entry featured a hull hand layed

ATV racing wheels

Composite Wheels A First For ATV Racers
Tough, impact-resistant glass-/carbon-reinforced thermoplastic lasts longer and reduces unsprung weight for better handling.

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