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The markets: Boatbuilding and marine (2021)
Boat sales surge during pandemic, carbon fiber continues to increase with demand for electric power, foiling and performance, while progress is seen for glass fiber composites in ships, 3D printing and recycling.

Carbon fiber windsurf fin incorporates Sicomin bio-based epoxy resin

Carbon fiber windsurf fin incorporates Sicomin bio-based epoxy resin
Sicomin GreenPoxy 33 meets high-performance windsurfing fins requirements, accommodating significant loads, high torsion stiffness and flexibility.

Sicomin launches bio-based epoxy resin systems

Sicomin launches bio-based epoxy resin systems
New resin systems have been developed for series production within the automotive, wind energy, civil engineering and marine sectors.

Sicomin bio-based resins used in flax fiber-reinforced boat

Sicomin bio-based resins used in flax fiber-reinforced boat
The hull, deck and internal structure the FLAX 27 sailing boat were infused with Sicomin’s GreenPoxy InfuGreen 810 resin and flax fiber reinforcement fabrics.

carbon fiber composite electric foiling boat design

Composites enable novel flying speedboat
Candela Boats’ Seven speedboat combines all-electric propulsion with precision foiling in a design made possible by creative composites engineering.

composite boat

The markets: Boatbuilding and marine (2020)
In the boatbuilding and marine markets, the increasing size and number of outboards per boat is driving the need for reduced weight in composite hulls and decks.

Sicomin’s epoxy resins and adhesives enable all-electric foiling boat

Sicomin’s epoxy resins and adhesives enable all-electric foiling boat
The company’s epoxy infusion resins and adhesive products have been qualified for the series production of the Candela Seven all-electric foiling boat. 

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Sicomin Epoxy Systems
Sicomin Epoxy Systems is featuring its line of advanced epoxy systems and high-performance composite solutions, including MaxCore, its new sandwich core infusion technology, and the latest addition to the GreenPoxy range, SR Greenpoxy 28, its new bio-resin specifically formulated for high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM).

Sicomin launches bio resin for HP-RTM processing

Sicomin launches bio resin for HP-RTM processing
SR GreenPoxy 28 is a bio-based epoxy resin designed for fast cure, high performance, and more sustainable automotive manufacturing.

flying car, carbon fiber

Sicomin provides epoxy resins for ENATA Aerospace flying car concept
Sicomin’s SR1700 epoxy system was selected, having been specially formulated for the production of high-performance composites such as aerospace applications.

core material, sandwich core, composites

Sicomin launches MaxCore sandwich core
MaxCore fiber reinforcements are reportedly inserted in multiple orientations and are responsible for 100% of the mechanical properties of the core.

Sicomin Epoxy Systems JEC World 2019

JEC World 2019 preview: Sicomin
Sicomin (Châteauneuf les Martigues, France) is launching MaxCore, a new sandwich core designed for infusion processes, at JEC World 2019. 

marine hydrofoil carbon fiber and epoxy infusion

Foiling motoryacht impresses in carbon fiber/epoxy
A project is underway to build a faster, lighter, hybrid-electric motorboat with foils and hull fabricated from carbon fiber and epoxy.

Sicomin receives Footprint Progress Certification for bio-based epoxy systems
Sicomin has been awarded the Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress Certification for its GreenPoxy products range.

Sicomin announces marine partnerships, bio foaming epoxy
Sicomin to announce new marine partnerships and launch a new bio foaming epoxy.

Notox boards made with Sicomin bio-based epoxy.

Sicomin bio-based epoxy earns ECOBOARD qualification
The ECOBOARD Project Gold Level qualification applies to all surf, kite, wind and stand-up paddle boards made using any of Sicomin’s five GreenPoxy resin systems.

New board makes windsurfing available to all
Making the windsurfing sport available to all

TAF Sling aircraft

Sicomin epoxy systems used in TAF's Sling aircraft
Sicomin has been working with The Airplane Factory to develop enhanced and efficient production methods for the flagship range of Sling aircrafts.

Sicomin and Decision SA Sea Bubbles water taxi

JEC World 2018 preview: Sicomin
Sicomin (Marseilles, France) will highlight its new engineering services and showcase a variety of key product ranges including Bio, Clear, Fire Retardant and Foaming Epoxy Systems, at its stand in Hall 6, G43. 

Sicomin earns USDA Bio product label

Sicomin resins earn certified Bio product label
Sicomin (Marseilles, France) has earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Bio based Product label for its product, SR GreenPoxy 56/SD GP 505V2, as well as three other products.

Coming soon to the urban waterways: SeaBubbles

Coming soon to the urban waterways: SeaBubbles
All-composite hydrofoiling watercraft will, if SeaBubbles has its way, soon be taxiing people across urban waterways in more than 50 cities across the world.

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