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Benzoxazine ALP-d/P-d / F-a

Benzoxazine can improve handling, thermal, mechanical and flame retardant properties when compounded as an additive in other resins, such as Bismaleimide and epoxy. 

CUREDUCT P-0505 / L-07E

LATENT CURING AGENT FOR EPOXY RESIN Combination of P-0505 (Hardner) and L-07E (Stabilizer ) used together with epoxy resin achieve a one part system with excellent storage stability, lower curing temperature and shorter curing time.

Curezol (Imidazole type Curing agent for Epoxy resin)

“CUREZOL,” which is a kind of imidazole and an epoxy resin curing agent, provides excellent characteristics when used for Glass epoxy laminate and Epoxy Molding Compound.

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  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • Benzoxazine
    • Epoxy
      • Epoxy, 250 F cure
      • Epoxy, 350 F cure
      • Epoxy, toughened
  • Catalysts, promoters and curing agents
    • Curing agents, others
    • Hardeners
  • Resin additives & modifiers
    • Other additives/modifiers