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Reinforcing your ideas with glass, carbon and aramid in the US and around the world.

SAERTEX is the global market leader in the manufacture of multiaxial/non-crimp fabrics and core materials used in the production of fiber-reinforced composites. Customers in the automotive, wind, aerospace, sports and leisure, boat building, railway, utility, and construction industries rely on customized SAERTEX materials made from glass, carbon and aramid fibers to manufacture products to minimize weight while maximizing strength and quality. With manufacturing locations in ten countries on five continents, SAERTEX is committed to serving customers around the world and partnering with them to innovate for a resource-saving future.

As Seen In CompositesWorld

IACMI: Driving innovation in the advanced composites industry
Since its start in 2015, the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) has come a long way in its mission of advancing composites innovation. CTO Uday Vaidya reflects on the past five years.

Where are those promised composites technologies now?
Promising technologies of yesteryear: Where are they now? What can be learned from unfulfilled promise?

uniform-sized 463L pallet

UV-curing grows composites market share
Established and flourishing in the underground pipe relining arena, UV-curable resins are finding new applications in other out-of-the-way places.

Why South Carolina? Why now?
CW guest columnist Tom Lemire (T.F. Lemire Consulting Inc., Irvine, CA, US), comments on the aerospace industry's current attraction to this particular spot on the US map and wonders if it's the beginning of a trend.

Moldmaker bypasses patterns for high-tech production catamarans
Direct-to-milled-tool process simplifies large deck mold development.

CAMX 2014 exhibit previews, part 2
With CAMX 2014 less than a week away (Oct. 13-16, Orlando, Fla.), CompositesWorld offers a final glimpse of some of the products, technologies and services that you will find in booths in the Exhibit Hall. During the show, we'll keep you informed and up-to-date with the CAMX Show Daily, which will be distributed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the show. Safe travels to Orlando and we look forward to seeing you at the conference and trade show.

VX Aerospace: Small company, big performance
Innovative design, OOA manufacturing and C-PLY laminate construction produce “big fabricator” aerostructures in fewer steps at low cost.

Wind blades: Pi preforms increase shear web failure load
Easily coinfused structural joint increases ultimate strength and fatigue life, offering solutions for designers as blades get longer and move offshore.

Bio-composites update: Beyond eco-branding
No longer dependent only on their green credentials, some suppliers of bio-based fibers and resins are competing on price and performance.

Aiming infusion at the application
With so many process variables to play with, how do you know which new solutions that promise better, faster infusion are right for your application?

SPE ACCE 2011: Growing again
The Society of Plastics Engineers’ 11th conference on automotive composites fields a top slate of speakers and attracts its largest crowd.

PRSEUS preform for pressurized cabin walls
Over the next few years, NASA and The Boeing Co. (Chicago, Ill.) will build larger and more elaborate pressurized passenger cabin structures for future blended-wing airliners.

SAMPE 2011 Long Beach Product Showcase
Huge show, huge new product offerings … huge success.

Composites 2010 Product Showcase
The ACMA’s Las Vegas exhibition reflected an industry in recovery.

Artist's Conception of A400M

A400M cargo door: Out of the autoclave
This structural military airframe part is the largest made to date via the vacuum-assisted resin infusion process.

Braided Pressure Vessel

JEC Composites 2009 showcase
 Despite the doleful state of the global economy, the turnout in Paris — exhibitors and visitors — proved surprisingly strong.

Proterra EcoRide bus from back

Team-built bus body bests all
OEM meets tight development schedule on superlight multipart molded shell to offset propulsion system weight in fuel cell-powered transit bus.

Fabric Forms Get Sophisticated
Closed molding applications and demand for greater design flexibility are driving fabric suppliers to create a variety of products that mix and match fibers, fiber forms, core and resin.

out of autoclave

Autoclave Quality Outside The Autoclave?
Pioneers of out-of-autoclave processing in aerospace applications answer a qualified but enthusiastic Yes!

Alemdar powerboat

Fiberglass multiaxials reinforce their market share
Technological and market forces feed growing use of multiaxial nonwoven fiberglass fabrics and spur diversified product offerings.

Twist-coupled blade diagram

Anisotropic wind blade design expected to reduce wind-energy costs
Deliberately unbalanced laminate produces smoother power input from adaptive wind blades

Product Categories of SAERTEX USA LLC

Aramid, Multiaxial
Aramid, Other
Aramid, Other
Aramid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Aramid/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
Aramid/glass hybrid, Other
Aramid/glass hybrid, Other
Aramid/glass hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Architectural design
Basalt, Multiaxal
Basalt, Other
Basalt, Other
Basalt, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon, Multiaxial
Carbon, Other
Carbon, Other
Carbon, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Multiaxial
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Other
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Other
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
Carbon/glass hybrid, Other
Carbon/glass hybrid, Other
Carbon/glass hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Ceramic, Multiaxial
Ceramic, Other
Ceramic, Other
Ceramic, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
C-glass, Multiaxial
C-glass, Other
C-glass, Other
C-glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Cutting, finishing, and machining
E-Glass, Multiaxial
E-Glass, Other
E-Glass, Other
E-Glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Foam core, other
Hybrid fiber
Kitting equipment and software
Knitting equipment
Materials analysis
Metallized, Multiaxial
Metallized, Other
Metallized, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Other core materials
Other preforms
Other, Multiaxial
Other, Other
Other, Other
Other, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Product design
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Multiaxial
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Other
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Other
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,
Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,