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The world’s fastest production line for LPG vessels

Roth Composite Machinery from Steffenberg sets new standards in the mechanical engineering as regards the series production of liquefied petroleum gas vessels using the filament winding technology. The company developed a fully-automated production line containing four winding stations having five spindles each. The high degree of automation of the production line guarantees maximum productivity.
It enables the manufacture of 600,000 LPG vessels per annum (LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Bernd Fischer, Sales Director at Roth Composite Machinery, declares: “Having a cycle time of 43 seconds per vessel, it is the world’s most effective production line of this type at present. The advantages of fibre-reinforced plastics for LPG vessels are clear, they are significantly lighter than conventional materials and – especially in the case of pressure vessels - allow a higher degree of safety against explosion.” Fibre-reinforced plastic tanks are increasingly used for the storage of fluids or gases. So, for instance, they are suitable for applications with hydrogen or nitrogen.

Impregnating bath with shuttle table for more efficiency

The production line for the manufacture of plastic vessels reinforced by glass fibres is set up as twin concept. Two independent winding stations are placed in one gantry. The time for loading and unloading is in parallel to the productive time. The loading and unloading of the vessels is carried out in a fully automated way by using robots. An impregnating bath with shuttle table for the impregnation of the fibres ensures optimal efficiency. By this, the production interruption periods are reduced by about 80 percent. A patented procedure for an automatic applying and cutting of the fibres being integrated in the fibre delivery carriage enables highest degrees of automation and efficiency. The control guarantees the exactly defined positioning of the fibres onto the vessel. A gantry combination provides for high precision between the spindles and the stiffness of the total system. The tolerance value of the composite material from spindle to spindle is less than two grams.

Special heavy-duty components in use

The machine builder is using special heavy-duty components at each stage of the production line. Besides a blow-moulding machine for the plastic liners, the designed system also comprises the liner pre-assembly station. At this, the boss part is welded onto the liner, the shaft is screwed in, the vessel is pressurized and the liner surface is activated for the winding process by means of flame treatment. The high degree of production accuracy is shown by the minor deviations as regards the bursting pressure of the vessels. An energy-efficient drying oven being especially designed for the LPG vessels ensures optimal product results. Furthermore, an end-of-line and a batch control as well as the assembly of the outer casing and the labeling are integrated. Four handling and assembly robots allow precise and fast production processes. The process data control is effected via a central main computer. At different stations, individual item numbers of the vessels are read out and stored by means of QR codes. Thus, the process data of each single product are traceable and allow for an optimal production and quality control. Roth Composite Machinery offers a remote access service for this production line.

Tailor-made concepts of Roth Composite Machinery

The special machine builder from Steffenberg has been developing, planning and manufacturing Filament Winding Machines for 50 years and has almost 30 years of experience in the development of fully-automated machines in this sector. More than 500 production plants of the manufacturer are already in use all over the world. Advantages of the production lines are the short installation periods enabling that the production processes can start more quickly. The handling of all kinds of fibres - from simple glass fibres to sensitive, highly rigid fibres – also belongs to the know-how of the company. Bernd Fischer emphasizes: “Our industry-leading design engineers providing
qualified configurations, designs and itemizations develop tailor-made machines for the production tasks of our customers. The results are efficient, reliable and durable machines.“ As general contractor, Roth has the know-how for the conception of complete production processes from the filament winding technology to the demoulding. This includes the design and development of components as well as the prototype manufacture. Roth gives advice as to the material selection – e. g. concerning the fibres to be used – and offers detailed analyses and proposed solutions for all refinements in the manufacturing process. In the course of this, the product specifies the production method. 

As Seen In CompositesWorld

Roth offers filament winding automation, prepreg and towpreg equipment
Roth Composite Machinery is showcasing its competences in filament winding, prepreg and organic sheet production.

The markets: Fuels cells and batteries (2020)
Although fuel-cell powered vehicles could still be in the automotive future, growth will be measured, and so will the market there for composite components. Composites for electric vehicle battery packs and hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles will be the more immediate opportunity.

Roth Industries honored at Großer Preis des Mittelstandes
Roth Industries was recently honored for its employee support, capacity for innovation, environmental management and social commitment.

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Roth Composite Machinery
Roth Composite Machinery to present its machine manufacturer competences in filament winding and prepreg at CAMX 2019.

Roth robot filament winding system, JEC World 2019

JEC World 2019 preview: Roth Composite Machinery
Roth Composite Machinery (Steffenberg, Germany, 5/D39) is featuring its competences in filament winding, prepreg and organic sheet production. 


Roth Composite Machinery laboratory line produces minimal surface weight prepregs
Possible trials can be conducted with thermoplastic matrix materials but also with duromers with layings or fabrics of all kinds of fiber systems such as carbon, glass or aramid.

carbon composite robot gripper

Filament winding, reinvented
Robots and digital technology deliver speed plus larger, more complex parts, while generative 3D winding obviates mandrels and waste for automotive applications.

robot filament winder

Roth unveils robot filament winding machines
The technology uses a six-axis robot to move the fiber delivery eye – used for the fiber guide during the winding.

Roth Composite’s CAMX booth.

CAMX 2018 preview: Roth Composite Machinery
Roth Composite Machinery (Steffenberg, Germany) is emphasizing its filament winding and prepreg abilities, with specific focuses on its ROTHAWIN technology, robot winding and the Type 1-ECO machine.

filament winding machine

Roth Composite Machinery launches small series filament winding machine
The company’s Type 1-ECO is a cost-efficient model for small series as well as manual production processes.

filament winding machine

Roth develops filament winding machine for Ariane 6 rocket components
Designed specifically to handle the Ariane 6 boosters, Roth’s filament winding plant is one of the world’s largest machines of its kind.

composite rebar

Five highlights from JEC World 2018
It’s not Spring without a trip to Paris, France for the JEC World 2018 composites conference. It’s become a very big show, and thus, offers some big announcements and some developing trends.

Roth Composite Machinery filament winder

JEC World 2018 preview: Roth Composite Machinery
Roth Composite Machinery (Steffenberg, Germany) will be exhibiting at the JEC World in Paris in Hall 6 at stand D40. The company will showcase its machine manufacturer competences in filament winding, prepreg and organic sheet production. 

Roth develops high-volume LPG tank line
The gantry-based filament winding system is designed to produce as many as 600,000 plastic-lined, glass fiber-overwrapped liquefied petroleum (LPG) gas pressure vessels per year.

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JEC World 2017 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

JEC World 2017 exhibit preview
JEC World will be held March 14-16 in Paris. CW previews some of the products and technologies that will be at the show.

Automated filament winding aids segmented blade production
Roth Composite Machinery system is part of ENERCON’s optimized production for modular blades.

Delivery head

A Filament Winder Buyer's Guide
Specifying that new machine with your process and product in mind.

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