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Manufacturer of premium cutting tools designed for close tolerance, high production runs and increased tool life. LMT Onsrud tools mill, drill, and rout materials found within the aerospace, medical, energy, boating, plastics and furniture industries.

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Waukegan, IL 60085 US

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LMT Onsrud LP has a long tradition of continuous innovation and close cooperation with our customers and today, we are a leading manufacturer of round tools for cutting metal, composites, plastics and wood.

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LMT Onsrud 66-500 Series cutting tool

CAMX 2017 preview: LMT Onsrud
LMT Onsrud LP (Waukegan, IL, US) is launching an all-new line of diamond film-coated cutting tools designed specifically for laminated carbon fiber materials.

Exelis Aerostructures: Salt Lake City
Braided composite shafts and struts for aircraft are its specialty, but there’s much more to this Utah, US-based rising star.

Specialized cutting tools
LMT Onsrud LP has introduced two new cutting tools for the cutting of composite materials.

Searching for composites-friendly machine tools
This is IMTS week, where "composites" is a foreign word to much of the machine tool industry. It's not too hard, however, to find suppliers who know their way around composite structures.

Undercutting core tool
LMT Onsrud LP, a manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools for aerospace and advanced materials, has introduced a new cutting tool to under cut honeycomb core for potted fasteners.

LMT Tools announces leadership changes
Leslie Banduch is named president of LMT Onsrud and LMT USA; Scott Feimster is promoted to vice president sales and market for LMT Onsrud.

SME: COMPOSITES Manufacturing 2013 colocates with AERODEF
Billed as "By Manufacturers. For Manufacturers," The Society of Manufacturing Engineers defense-related exhibitions were held side-by-side this year at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Online access to machine tool knowledge
Machine tool manufacturers have developed a variety of online tools that give customers in the composites industry access to lessons learned, best practices and information about the latest machine tool technologies.

Hole ambitions! Optimize? Customize?
Matching the drill tool to the job can save thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars.

SAMPE 2011 Long Beach Product Showcase
Huge show, huge new product offerings … huge success.

Machining carbon composites: Risky business
As composites take a larger part (and form larger parts) in the aerospace structures sector, it’s not just a make-it-or-break-it proposition.

Onsrud diamond-tipped drill

Diamond-coated parabolic drill
Onsrud Cutter's new drill is designed to cut carbon fiber or grapite epoxies.

Cutting Tools
Onsrud Cutter LP (Libertyville, Ill.) has developed new cutting tools: The Sinusoidal Edge Rougher Finishers (SERF) are PCD (polycrystalline diamond) double-fluted tools on solid carbide bodies, designed to combine the speed of a roughing mill with a finishing mill's edge quality. Also new: PCD single-edge compression

Carbide cutting tool
Onsrud Cutter LP (Libertyville, Ill.) has introduced Tuff Core Compression, a 0.375-inch/9.53-mm diameter CNC router tool made from a dual-grade carbide that incorporates a tough inner core for added strength and a wear-resistant outer shell for longer life when milling abrasive materials. The Tuff Core reportedly

Solid carbide drills
Onsrud Cutter LP (Libertyville, Ill.) has introduced what it bills as the "most complete line of drills for composites applications." The solid carbide drill bits incorporate an eight-faceted point design — featuring four cutting edges, with two facets per edge — that reportedly reduces cutting forces and eliminates

SAMPE exhibitors in Long Beach

SAMPE 2005 Product Showcase
SAMPE's U.S. Symposium and Exhibition highlights technological innovation and market expansion.

Milling tool brochure
Onsrud Cutter (Libertyville, Ill.) offers its Think Mechanical brochure as a showcase for its expanded line of cutting tools for machining plastics. According to the company, chip rewelding, hand deburring, slow feed rates and other problems encountered when using traditional end mill tools can be eliminated when

Milling/routing catalog
The 2004 Production Routing Catalog (OC-04) offered by Onsrud Cutter Inc. (Libertyville, Ill. U.S.A.) features more than 2,000 products for the CNC/production routing industry. The catalog has been expanded to offer new and proven products for the composite wood, plastic, and non-ferrous metal markets. With the

Cutting tools

Abrasive machining methods for composites
Cutting, routing and drilling are important post-processing steps for cured composite parts.

Milling/routing tools - 10/1/2004
Onsrud Cutter LP (Libertyville, Ill., U.S.A.) recently introduced three new cutting tools designed to tackle tough composite milling/routing applications: The UnRuffer is a patented, solid-carbide burr with a unique finishing edge developed to equal the cutting performance of a burr tool but yield a much better edge

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