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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Harris Corp., Rochester, NY, US
High-technology telescope and space structures expertise has its roots in legacy Kodak programs.

Don’t call it a blimp!
The builders of this variable-buoyancy craft count on carbon fiber/epoxy trusswork to enable a new era of air transport.

SAMPE 2011 Long Beach Product Showcase
Huge show, huge new product offerings … huge success.

Designing bicycling’s lightest pro racing frame
Cervélo’s Vroomen White Design group combines analysis and manufacturing acumen to create a 675g/1.5 lb composite frame.

HPC JAN 10 Drawng

Fuselage skins redesign streamlines production
Cirrus Aircraft’s SR22 second-generation design improves functionality and enables faster processing.

Proterra EcoRide bus from back

Team-built bus body bests all
OEM meets tight development schedule on superlight multipart molded shell to offset propulsion system weight in fuel cell-powered transit bus.

Killer Bee Unmanned Aircraft

Blended Wing UAV
Unique unmanned craft's robust composite design a plus for rough duty.

NISA II/Compsoite screen shot

FEA Roundup: Design, Simulation And Analysis Converge
New modeling and analysis software products increase the accessibility and reliability of finite element analysis data.

Step 5: Analysis of the entire fuselage shows highly stressed areas in red.

Designing The Chanute Aerobatic Aircraft
Finite element modeling speeds development time and reduces uncertainty.

The European prototype underwent an extensive program of fatigue testing as part of project development.

New Lightweight Trailer Delivers Heavy-duty Performance
All-composite chassis and trailer design offers truckers increased cargo capacity plus greater durability.

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