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U.K. launches initiative for recyclable wind turbine blade technologies

U.K. launches initiative for recyclable wind turbine blade technologies
The SusWIND initiative, addressing the recyclability and future development of composite wind turbine blades, will be delivered in three developments.

SAMPE 2011 Long Beach Product Showcase
Huge show, huge new product offerings … huge success.

SMC close-up

Bio-based fillers: Reducing SMC mass
The Bio-Lite Technical Center of Excellence at the National Composites Center (Dayton, Ohio) is developing sheet molding compound (SMC) recipes capable of yielding finished parts with specific gravity as low as 1.2.

Preforming chopper

Optimizing the performance of C/C brakes
Renowned architect Mies van der Rohe once observed about the nuances of building design, “God is in the details. ” The same could be said for the manufacture of carbon/carbon (C/C) brakes.

Chart Resin

Resin systems update: The greening of thermosets
 Thermoset resin formulators seek environmental benefits as customers demand reduced cost and increased performance.

Eight Mile 2

Integrated drop-in-place superstructure the solution for Eight Mile Bridge
Based on the successful performance of previous composite bridge decks installed in Hamilton County, Ohio, highway engineers recently took a bold step, specifying an integrated composite bridge superstructure — that is, deck and support beams together in one unit — to replace a deficient span known as Eight Mile Bridge.

Step 2: Second Station

High-Volume Preforming for Automotive Application
 More than a dozen parts for four Aston Martin models are mass produced in France using Ford Motor Co.'s optimized Programmable Preforming Process and resin transfer molding.

Composites On The Move Shows Growth Markets For Reinforced Polymers
New SPE/NCC conference highlights composites opportunities in key sectors.

Building Bridges to Bridge and Building Rehab Markets
Despite a lack of standardization and education in the civil construction sector, these innovators use carbon and steel fibers to reinforce the business case for composites.

Inside Manufacturing: Thermoplastic Composites Lighten Transit Bus
Low-pressure forming processes and low-density, long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic come together to cut weight of aluminum transit bus roof air conditioning door by 40 percent.

Engineering Insights: Pedestrian Bridge Makes Case for Composites
Infusion molded deck incorporates high-performance core, which facilitates fast processing.

Step 5: The outer screen is robotically removed (large top shown).

Rapid Fiber Preforming On A Large Scale
A proven alternative to open molding of big parts.

Head Sport AG Intelligence

PZTs energize active composites
NCC/ACI partnership to commercialize flexible lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric fibers in self-powered and "smart" composite products.

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