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Manuel Torres, founder and president of MTorres, dies at 82

Manuel Torres, founder and president of MTorres, dies at 82
A visionary, and entrepreneur, Manuel Torres still lives on in his founded company, which has become the focal point of research, development and innovation for high-complexity solutions in industrial process automation.

DLR Institute for Structures and Design development of Composites 4.0 automation

Composites 4.0: Digital transformation, adaptive production, new paradigms
An evolving landscape of automation, sensors and AI software is not an end, but a means to achieve the cost, quality, efficiency and agility required for future manufacturing.  

ZAero project decision support tool DST display defect data

ZAero project update
The 2019 final review demonstrated integration of an automated CFRP process chain: AFP inline inspection and rework, cure and resin flow sensors, part performance prediction and a decision support tool for line operators.

Strata automates Airbus A350 inboard flap production line

Strata automates Airbus A350 inboard flap production line
With two MTorres automated tape laying (ATL) machines, the UAE-based aerostructures manufacturer plans to reduce processing times for aircraft components.

Grid/skin structures explained

Grid/skin structures explained
Composites expert and veteran Stephen Tsai and automated tape and fiber placement specialist MTorres have published “Composite Double-Double and Grid/Skin Structures: Low Weight/Low Cost Design and Manufacturing,” a design and manufacturing guide for the fabrication of grid-stiffened composite structures.

2019 Paris Air Show: Highlights

2019 Paris Air Show: Highlights
The 2019 Paris Air Show may have lacked the glamour of a new aircraft program announcement, but the composites industry represented is clearly gearing up for next-generation aerospace manufacturing.

composites industry

Composites industry leaders recognized at SME's AeroDef 2019
SME recently recognized Douglas D. Decker, technical fellow, Northrop Grumman and two prominent composites manufacturing companies with the 2019 Composites Manufacturing Awards.

automated spar forming

Spar forming simplified
Adapting its Automated Stiffener Forming (ASF) technology to build spars directly in female molds, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems anticipates dramatic drops in cycle time and manufacturing cost.

MTorres announces new CEO
Luis Pérez Oliva has been announced as the new CEO of MTorres.

virtual reality for composites manufacturing

Advancing composites through virtual and augmented reality
A review of technologies that are bridging the technical divide between the virtual world of design and simulation, and the real-world of composites manufacturing and repair.


AEMAC announces conference agenda
The Spanish Association for Composites, AEMAC, will hold its second Conference on Composites in Madrid on Sept. 25.


Infused wing sheds light on aerocomposites future
In the Irkut MS-21 infused and co-cured wings, the aerocomposites industry gets a glimpse of how out-of-autoclave technologies might be applied to primary aircraft structures.

Spirit AeroSystems

The first composite fuselage section for the first composite commercial jet
Spirit AeroSystems was an established aerospace supplier when it earned that distinction, winning the contract for the Boeing 787’s Section 41. Now its sights are set on the next generation of aircraft.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Israel’s aerodefense cornerstone poised for greater global outreach
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing increasing expertise both in and out of the autoclave as it expands an already broad composites production portfolio.


A complete paradigm shift in aircraft construction
With its new Torreswing automated system for mold-free, fastener-free composite fuselage and wing construction, MTorres aims to revolutionize aerostructure.

Building an aircraft without molds or fasteners?

Building an aircraft without molds or fasteners?
MTorres has a concept (TRL 6) with which aircraft will be built with minimal hand labor, without typical molds, without metallic fasteners, and without typical stringers as they are used today.

Thermoplastic composites: Past the tipping point?
The manufacturing world watched a decade ago as automatically placed thermoset composite tapes replaced aluminum in commercial airframes and made composites a household word in markets around the world. Has the time come for thermoplastic composite tapes to make a similar impact?

Thermoplastic composite demonstrators — EU roadmap for future airframes

Thermoplastic composite demonstrators — EU roadmap for future airframes
There is a TPC development roadmap in Europe, supported by Airbus and a variety of aerospace consortia, and involving almost every major aerostructures supplier in Europe.

ZAero zero defect manufacturing for composites inline sensor for AFP automated fiber placement

Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts
ZAero project aims for 30-50% boost in productivity via inline AFP inspection, simulated part performance and decision support tools.

2017 Paris Air Show is good for composites

2017 Paris Air Show is good for composites
There is definitely a lot going on this week at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget airfield. Much of it relates to composites. Here’s a brief rundown.

A new paradigm in airframe construction?

A new paradigm in airframe construction?
MTorres, a major supplier of automated manufacturing equipment for composites, has revealed a new way to manufacture airframe structure using composites.

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