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3D printing with continuous fiber process classification

3D printing with continuous fiber: A landscape
Growth continues in suppliers, part size, production volume and markets.

Moi Composites debuts 3D-printed glass fiber boat

Moi Composites debuts 3D-printed glass fiber boat
Moi used its patented CFM 3D printing technology for depositing continuous fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin to develop MAMBO’s unique design. 

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Moving continuous-fiber 3D printing into production
With patents proliferating and production applications emerging, 3D printing with continuous fiber reinforcement is poised for significant market growth.

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Moi recognized for 3D printing with continuous fiber
Moi composites is the overall winner of the Italian National Innovation Award (Premio Nazionale Innovazione) for its additive manufacturing technology.

moi composites has patented its continuous fiber manufacturing (CFM) technology

Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM) with moi composites
Continuous fiber 3D printing using epoxy, vinylester and acrylic with continuous glass, carbon, basalt and other fibers, including deposition along nonlinear curves, is only the beginning.

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