Manufactures dispersions and emulsions used as fiber sizing, binders and lubricants in a variety of fibers and technical textiles/prepregs that contain glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, natural fibers and polymeric fibers. Manufactures in North America, Europe and Asia.

9080 Shell Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236 US

Additional Locations:
2A Tuas Avenue 12
Singapore, 639023 SG
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A Message from Michelman

Hydrosize® Link U470 & U480 Enhanced Reactive Sizing from Michelman - The Interface & Adhesion Experts

Michelman offers the industry a new reactive portfolio of materials optimized for nylon composites and designed to offer long-term performance including exposure to aggressive fuels, helping automakers cost-effectively meet emissions regulations and increase fuel efficiency.

Hydrosize® PA845H Polyamide Dispersion for Carbon Fiber from Michelman - The Interface & Adhesion Experts

Michelman has developed a unique polyamide polymer dispersion taking advantage of its proprietary process.

Hydrosize® Portfolio of Products for Recycled Carbon Fiber from Michelman - The Interface & Adhesion Experts

Michelman has developed a portfolio of product formulations that have shown to be compatible with previously sized recycled carbon fiber (typically epoxy) and also compatible with most common thermoplastic resins such as PA, PP, PBT and even high temperature thermoplastics.

As Seen In CompositesWorld

I want to say two words to you: “Thermoplastic tapes”
Thermoplastic tapes are not new to composites, but they soon will join the primary aerostructures material palette and could be their future.

Michelman joins the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials
The company will sponsor a research project that will help evaluate sizing options of carbon and glass fiber for their compatibility with both thermoplastic and thermoset resins.

Michelman announces partnerships with EFT and Mafic
This past week, Michelman announced that it will partner with Engineered Fibers Technology LLC (EFT, Shelton, CT, US) and with Mafic (Kells, County Meath, Ireland and Shelby, NC, US) to increase the performance and surface characteristics of its fibers and composites.

Michelman sizing for automotive

CAMX 2017 preview: Michelman
Michelman (Cincinnati, OH, US), a developer and manufacturer of fiber sizing and resin modifiers, is featuring new fiber sizing formulations, including solutions suitable for use with glass, carbon and other structural fibers.

Recycled carbon fiber used to manufacture composite overwrapped pressure vessel
The companies claim this collaboration marks the first time that waste continuous tow carbon fiber towpreg has been reclaimed, recycled and put back into the original manufacturing process.

The carbon fiber reclaimed from waste.

Composites recycling: Gaining traction
Recycling of carbon fiber, glass fiber and — at last — resins, is growing as new players enter the space.

IACMI launches new project to optimize resins and sizings for vinyl ester/carbon fiber
The project will develop vinyl ester resin/fiber sizing/carbon fiber combinations that are styrene-free and that have room temperature storage capability of at least three months and cure times less than three minutes.

SMC: Old dog, new tricks
A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.

JEC World 2017 exhibit preview
JEC World will be held March 14-16 in Paris. CW previews some of the products and technologies that will be at the show.

CAMX 2016 preview: Michelman
Michelman (Cincinnati, Ohio) is introducing two polyurethane dispersions designed as fiber sizing for reinforced composites in automotive underhood applications.

Epoxy-based fiber sizing
Michelman (Cincinnati, OH, US) has introduced Hydrosize EP876, a high molecular weight epoxy-based fiber sizing for PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and thermoset composite manufacturing applications.

Sizing for carbon fiber
This sidebar to CW's August 2016 feature story on sizings for glass fiber outlines the current thrust of inquiry into sizings for carbon fibers.

Fine-tuning fiberglass: Smart fiber sizing
Some insights into those proprietary chemistries that can customize performance at the fiber/resin interface.

Water-based sizings for the fiber/thermoplastic resin interface
Michelman Inc. (Cincinnati, OH, US) introduced a number of new fiber sizings to support engineered thermoplastic resins.

New fiber sizings for thermoplastics
New sizings support engineered thermoplastic resins in automotive applications.

JEC Europe 2015: Product and exhibit previews
The world's largest composites trade show, JEC Europe, is coming up next week, March 10-12 in Paris, France. CW received from some exhibitors a preview of the products and technologies that they will have on exhibit at the show.

JEC Europe 2015 preview: Michelman
Michelman (Cincinnati, OH, US) will feature Hydrosize, its flagship brand of fiber sizings.

Fiber sizings for automotive composites
Michelman has developed several new fiber sizings to support advanced generations of engineered resin composites increasingly being used in automotive design and manufacturing applications.

Michelman opens its new Advanced Materials Collaboration Center
The grand opening on October 2 celebrates the company's new building and collaborative work space.

Fiber sizings for food contact
Sizing specialist Michelman will introduce at JEC Europe new fiber sizings that comply with the Commission Regulation (EU) n°10/2011 repealing Directive 2002/72/EC.

Product Categories of Michelman

  • Coatings and sizings
    • Protective
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    • Other coating materials