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A Message from Michelman

Hydrosize HP-1632 is a polyimide solution for high-temperature thermoplastics.

Michelman’s growing line of Hydrosize® line of solutions includes Hydrosize HP-1632, a polyimide solution for high-temperature thermoplastics.

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People in Composites: August 2020

People in Composites: August 2020
CW’s monthly roundup of changing leadership in the composites industry includes Gurit, TPI, Tooling Tech Group, Wisk and more.

JEC World 2020 preview: Michelman
Michelman is showcasing its expanding portfolio of water-based fiber sizing solutions, including the Hydrosize product line.

People in Composites: November 2019

People in Composites: November 2019
Albany Engineered Composites, GKN Aerospace, Michelman and Sirrus Inc. announce new hires in the composites manufacturing industry.

People in Composites: October 2019

People in Composites: October 2019
AOC Aliancys, Boeing, Composites UK, Hexcel, Michelman, TPI Composites and UTComp announce new faces in the composites industry and honors awarded to top contributors.

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Michelman

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Michelman
At CAMX 2019, Michelman is featuring its new line of Hydrosize carbon fiber sizing solutions.

Michelman unsized carbon fiber

Fiber sizing, tow spreading and the quest for encapsulation
Fiber sizing is easily overlooked by composites fabricators, but it will be increasingly important to optimization of fiber performance.


People in Composites: May 2019
CW’s monthly roundup of people news in the composites industry.

basalt fiber composites

The still-promised potential of basalt fiber composites
Although the long-anticipated market surge in basalt fiber-reinforced polymer composites remains largely in the future, basalt fiber manufacturers are making headway over the technical and market hurdles toward large-scale application.

carbon fiber sizing

Michelman launches Hydrosize Carbon fiber sizing solutions
Hydrosize Carbon reportedly allows carbon fiber manufacturers to optimize the interfacial adhesion between the polymers and the fibers by tailoring the surface chemistry of the reinforcement fibers to the chemistry of the matrix resin.

Michelman surface modifiers for technical textiles at JEC World 2019

JEC World 2019 preview: Michelman
Michelman (Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.) is introducing its family of Unyte surface modifiers formulated specifically for manufacturers of technical textiles and prepreg fabrics.

composite materials, adhesion measurement

Michelman invests in Textechno FIMATEST adhesion measurement system
The company seeks to support Textechno in the goal of establishing more standardization for the industry regarding fiber-matrix-adhesion and processing properties.


Michelman opens sustainability center in Shanghai
The Michelman Sustainability Center is focused on reinforcing green manufacturing and will help the company better adapt its products and services to the Chinese market.

chopped recycled carbon fiber

IACMI consortium aims to close the loop on automotive carbon fiber prepreg scrap
Carbon fiber recycling start up Vartega leads a project to close the loop on automotive carbon fiber prepreg manufacturing scrap for use in new automotive applications.

Matthew Sheehan

People on the Move: August 2018
CW’s monthly roundup of people on the move in the composites industry.


Sustainable thermoplastics and additive manufacturing alliance forms in Colorado
Vartega, the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association and a group of industry and academic partners have founded an Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing Infrastructure Development and Education (AMIDE) Alliance.

Michelman to partner with AZL Aachen GmbH
Michelman’s latest move is part of its partnership strategy to further advance and improve composite development throughout the industry.

JEC World 2018 preview: Michelman
Michelman to highlight fiber sizing’s impact on composite performance at JEC World 2018.

thermoplastic tape

I want to say two words to you: “Thermoplastic tapes”
Thermoplastic tapes are not new to composites, but they soon will join the primary aerostructures material palette and could be their future.

Michelman joins the University of Delaware’s Center for Composite Materials
The company will sponsor a research project that will help evaluate sizing options of carbon and glass fiber for their compatibility with both thermoplastic and thermoset resins.

Michelman announces partnerships with EFT and Mafic
This past week, Michelman announced that it will partner with Engineered Fibers Technology LLC (EFT, Shelton, CT, US) and with Mafic (Kells, County Meath, Ireland and Shelby, NC, US) to increase the performance and surface characteristics of its fibers and composites.

Michelman sizing for automotive

CAMX 2017 preview: Michelman
Michelman (Cincinnati, OH, US), a developer and manufacturer of fiber sizing and resin modifiers, is featuring new fiber sizing formulations, including solutions suitable for use with glass, carbon and other structural fibers.

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