METYX Composites

Manufacturer of reinforcements (unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial, quadraxial, E-glass, aramid, carbon, hybrids); RTM reinforcements; woven rovings/tapes; vacuum bagging products; surfacing veils. Composite tooling; prototyping; pattern and plug production services. Core material kits (PVC, PET, balsa, polyurethane) and reinforcement/vacuum consumable kits.

Cesme Cad. Gulsum Sok. No:14
Orhanli Beldesi, Tuzla
Istanbul, 34956 TR

Telateks Tekstil Urunleri San. ve Tic. A.S.


As Seen In CompositesWorld

Metyx water-based polish and paste

METYX water-based pastes, polishes promote high gloss, prevent overheating
METYX has introduced a new product group consisting of three water-based pastes/polishes for use on a variety of end products. 


METYX USA receives ISO 9001: 2015 certification
The company’s new technical textiles production, sales and distribution facility in Gastonia, NC, US is now ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified. 

METYX Composites

METYX adds warehouse space in Hungary
METYX Composites has increased its facilities for composite technical fabrics, packaging and FRP tooling.

CAMX 2018 preview: METYX
METYX Group (Istanbul, Turkey), a manufacturer of high-performance technical textiles including multiaxial reinforcements, carbon fiber reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven reinforcements and vacuum bagging products, is emphasizing its new manufacturing capacity in Ranlo, NC, US.

JEC World 2018: Highlights
You will read more about what we discovered at JEC World 2018 in the coming weeks and months, but for now this is a quick review of some of the highlights from the world’s largest composites trade show.

METYX announces new technical textiles manufacturing facility
New production site will manufacture a range of glass and carbon fabrics for the North American composites market.

METYX wins funding for Hungarian facility expansion
Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency announces support for an investment project to expand METYX Hungary.

METYX expands technical fabrics capacity
Turkey-based METYX Group is adding 12,000 MT of glass and carbon fiber multiaxial fabric knitting capacity.

JEC World 2017: Show report, part 1
JEC World 2017 was, by almost any measure, the biggest and busiest JEC event yet, and exhibitors came with much to show the world of composites about innovation in materials, equipment and technology.

JEC World 2017 exhibit preview
JEC World will be held March 14-16 in Paris. CW previews some of the products and technologies that will be at the show.

METYX Composites acquires Hungarian bus manufacturing facility
Turkey-based METYX Composites has acquired North American Bus Industries' (NABI) former composites manufacturing facility in Kaposvar, Hungary.

METYX expands operations in Turkey
METYX Composites (Istanbul, Turkey), a division of Telateks A.S., announced that it is building a new factory in Manisa, Turkey.

METYX Composites to expand Turkish facilities
Istanbul-based METYX Composites is building a 134,500-sq-ft factory in Manisa, Turkey, to help the company serve the country's wind energy industry.

METYX Composites establishes tooling center
The METYX Composites Tooling Center incorporates a 5-axis CNC machine for large-scale plug and mold production.

Business briefs: March 2010 HPC
High-performance technical textiles source METYX Composites (a div. of Telateks AS, Istanbul, Turkey) and resin manufacturer/distributor Scott Bader (Wollaston, Northamptonshire, U.K.) have signed an agreement that makes the latter the exclusive distributor of METYX Composites products in France.

News briefs: Feb. 16, 2010
Brian Parker, Emilio Oramas named to new positions at AOC; Composites One to sell SIKA epoxies; Fibre Glast launches new website; Tom Haulik joins Hexcel from Sigmatex; Scott Bader to distribute for METYX Composites in Europe; SeaGen tidal turbine passes 1,000 hours of operation; cancellation makes Wisconsin Oven system immediately available.

Product Categories of METYX Composites

  • Reinforcements, unimpregnated
    • Aramid
      • Aramid, Chopped strand
      • Aramid, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Aramid, Mat, chopped strand
      • Aramid, Mat, continuous strand
      • Aramid, Surfacing veil
    • Aramid/glass hybrid
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Chopped strand
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Mat, chopped strand
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Mat, continuous strand
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Surfacing veil
    • Basalt
      • Basalt, Chopped strand
      • Basalt, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Basalt, Mat, chopped strand
      • Basalt, Mat, continuous strand
      • Basalt, Surfacing veil
    • C-glass
      • C-glass, Chopped strand
      • C-glass, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • C-glass, Mat, chopped strand
      • C-glass, Mat, continuous strand
      • C-glass, Surfacing veil
    • Carbon
      • Carbon, Chopped strand
      • Carbon, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Carbon, Mat, chopped strand
      • Carbon, Mat, continuous strand
      • Carbon, Surfacing veil
    • Carbon/aramid hybrid
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Chopped strand
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Mat, chopped strand
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Mat, continuous strand
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Surfacing veil
    • Carbon/glass hybrid
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Chopped strand
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Mat, chopped strand
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Mat, continuous strand
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Surfacing veil
    • Ceramic
      • Ceramic, Chopped strand
      • Ceramic, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Ceramic, Mat, chopped strand
      • Ceramic, Mat, continuous strand
      • Ceramic, Surfacing veil
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, Chopped strand
      • E-Glass, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • E-Glass, Mat, chopped strand
      • E-Glass, Mat, continuous strand
      • E-Glass, Surfacing veil
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Chopped strand
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Mat, chopped strand
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Mat, continuous strand
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Surfacing veil
    • Other unimpregnated reinforcement forms
      • Other, Chopped strand
      • Other, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Other, Mat, chopped strand
      • Other, Mat, continuous strand
      • Other, Surfacing veil
  • Fabrics, unimpregnated
    • Aramid
      • Aramid, Braided
      • Aramid, Multiaxial
      • Aramid, Plain-weave
      • Aramid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Aramid, Twill
      • Aramid, Woven roving
    • Aramid/glass hybrid
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Braided
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Twill
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Woven roving
    • Basalt
      • Basalt, Braided
      • Basalt, Multiaxal
      • Basalt, Plain-weave
      • Basalt, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Basalt, Woven roving
    • C-glass
      • C-glass, Braided
      • C-glass, Multiaxial
      • C-glass, Plain-weave
      • C-glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • C-glass, Twill
      • C-glass, Woven roving
    • Carbon
      • Carbon, Braided
      • Carbon, Multiaxial
      • Carbon, Plain-weave
      • Carbon, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Carbon, Twill
      • Carbon, Woven roving
    • Carbon/aramid hybrid
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Braided
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Multiaxial
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Plain-weave
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Twill
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Woven roving
    • Carbon/glass hybrid
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Braided
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Twill
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Woven roving
    • Ceramic
      • Ceramic, Braided
      • Ceramic, Multiaxial
      • Ceramic, Plain-weave
      • Ceramic, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Ceramic, Twill
      • Ceramic, Woven roving
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, Braided
      • E-Glass, Multiaxial
      • E-Glass, Plain-weave
      • E-Glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • E-Glass, Twill
      • E-Glass, Woven roving
    • Metallized
      • Metallized, Braided
      • Metallized, Multiaxial
      • Metallized, Plain-weave
      • Metallized, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Metallized, Twill
      • Metallized, Woven roving
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Braided
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Multiaxial
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Plain-weave
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Twill
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Woven roving
    • Other unimpregnated fabrics
      • Other, Braided
      • Other, Multiaxial
      • Other, Plain-weave
      • Other, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • Other, Twill
      • Other, Woven roving
  • Core materials and flow media
    • Other core materials
  • Resin additives & modifiers
    • Other additives/modifiers