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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Affan Innovative Solutions CNC machining of molds for composite facade panels

Building the Museum of the Future
FR composite panels provide structure, sealing and iconic facade for pioneering architecture in Dubai.

Increasing access to AFP

Increasing access to AFP
Addcomposites is democratizing composites manufacturing by leasing a low-cost toolhead that turns any robot into an automated fiber placement machine.

Clear Carbon & Component

Clear Carbon & Components: Bristol, RI, US
Breaking barriers in process and complexity, this agile manufacturer is gaining renown as a composites problem solver and champion of Class A cosmetic surfaces.

SFMOMA façade: Advancing the art of high-rise FRP
The fabrication and installation of 700+ composite panels has a backstory of detailed design and careful quality assurance.

Pavilion canopy: Graceful lines, strength of steel
All GFRP design eschews steel framing but can withstand wind and elements.

IBEX 2011 Review
As the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference again docks in Louisville, the industry continues a slow and tentative rebound.

Concert hall composites: Acoustic alchemy
Massive composite acoustic structures will reflect and diffuse sound to heighten audio quality in a new high-profile performance space.

Residential construction breakthrough: Composites find a home
Composite materials get the go-ahead for an unconventional but code-compliant California house.

Wave Sport kayak

Free-form surfacing optimizes free-style kayak
The 6-ft/1.8m-long Project 54cx kayak, made using aramid and carbon fabric-reinforced composites, weighs only 19 lb/8.6 kg.

IBEX Composites Pavilion

IBEX 2009 Marine Composites Showcase
The 19th International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference endures the economic “perfect storm” on the Florida coast and looks forward to fairer weather inland.

Mr. Terrrible beauty shot

FEA facilitates custom megayacht design
Modeling software and design ingenuity meet vibration challenges in ocean-going luxury yacht. 

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Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
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