Materia Inc.

Nobel Prize-winning catalyst technologies that yield polymeric products with superior manufacturability, toughness, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance, from poly-dicyclopentadiene and other monomers. The company's thermoset resins permit high loadings of fillers, such as various glasses, metals and wood.

60 N San Gabriel Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107 US


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Materia sample parts

CAMX 2017 preview: Materia
Materia (Pasadena, CA, US), a supplier of high-performance catalysts and advanced polymers, is showcasing its Proxima high-performance resin product lines including ballistic-resistant test panels, large single-pour castings, high-temperature oil and gas downhole tools and sections of composite pressure vessels.

The evolution of infusion
As resin infusion continues to infiltrate composites, fabricators across the market spectrum drive materials and process developments in pursuit of process control.

Backgrounder: Proxima pDCPD
Materia Inc.'s (Pasadena, Calif.) Proxima, a completely new type of polydicyclopentadiene (pDCPD) thermoset resin, is said to offer the same mechanical properties as, and better long-term durability than, epoxy

High-Performance Resins 2010 Highlights
Inaugural conference for the advanced resins research crowd updates formulators and processors on the latest developments.

Materia introduces catalyst-enabled thermoset at WINDPOWER
Materia's presentation at WINDPOWER 2010 will highlight its new catalyst-enabled pDCPD thermoset resin for wind turbine blade applications; it is being offered as an alternative to epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester.

Composites big winners of Dept. of Commerce technology grants
The Technology Innovation Program will provide up to $71 million, much of it for composites-related product development, including nanocomposites and infrastructure material development.

Product Categories of Materia Inc.

  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • Other thermosets