Lonza AG

Cyanate ester resins, epoxy resin and polyurea curing agents, aromatic diamines, polyurethane chain extenders, base chemicals, acrylic monomers, lubricants, antistatic agents, antifogging agents, antiblocking agents, antimicrobials, dispersants and processing aids to the plastics industry. Customer-specific products on request.

Muenchensteinerstrasse 38
Basel, CH-4002 CH


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F-22 afterburners

Resins for the Hot Zone, Part II: BMIs, CEs, benzoxazines and phthalonitriles
Next-generation aerospace programs demand higher temperatures for structural and hot-section components, fostering advances in thermoset resin chemistry.

Product Categories of Lonza AG

  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • Cyanate ester
  • Coatings and sizings
    • Flame retardant
  • Catalysts, promoters and curing agents
    • Curing agents, amines
    • Hardeners
  • Resin additives & modifiers
    • Flame/smoke-suppressant additives
    • Other additives/modifiers