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The markets: Construction (2018)
In the 21st Century, one of the more compelling human stories is the growing need for resources to house Earth’s expanding population, and the growing awareness that those resources are finite and, in many cases, increasingly scarce.

The big blue bear: Redux
It’s been 12 years since I wrote “Composite Sculpture Bears a Second Look” about the big blue bear sculpture in downtown Denver, CO, US. The project opened my eyes to digital design, and gave me the opportunity to meet the sculptor, Lawrence Argent. Argent passed away last week.

The Grenfell Tower Fire - Let's make sure our architectural composites meet the codes
The devastating and deadly fire in a residential high-rise tower in London on June 14 did NOT involve composite materials as defined by CompositesWorld magazine, our readers and most composite suppliers.

Composites at AIA 2017
The ACMA Architectural Division exhibited its 4th annual Composites Pavilion and 2nd annual COMPOSITES CHALLENGE for architectural students.

Carbon fiber performs aesthetically and structurally
From the informative website called Composites and Architecture, hosted by Kreysler and Associates (American Canyon, CA, US), comes a unique use of carbon fiber strands.

Automotive, architectural structures win CAMX Awards
Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) and Kreysler & Assoc. are winners of the CAMX Awards for Combined Strength and Unsurpassed Innovation.

SFMOMA façade: Advancing the art of high-rise FRP
The fabrication and installation of 700+ composite panels has a backstory of detailed design and careful quality assurance.

The building envelope: FRP unitized façades
New composite design reduces framing, simplifies construction and improves performance vs. conventional aluminum-framed glass curtainwalls.

The markets: Construction (2015)
In the building and construction market, adoption of composite building materials has been slow, but "definitions" incorporated into the International Code Council’s (ICC, Washington, D.C.) revised (2009) International Building Code have encouraged architects and contractors to investigate their use, even in exterior, high-rise construction.

AIA 2014 Convention report
The ACMA helps American Institute of Architects launch Composites Pavilion at Chicago convention.

Architectural composites: Rising to new challenges
In North America, Europe, the Middle East and Down Under, architects and engineers are finding composites are a good fit in groundbreaking applications.

Code-compliant FRP cladding for high-rise buildings
Kreysler & Associates has introduced a new glass fiber composite cladding material, called Fireshield 285, which its designers say solves the riddle of fire code compliance on high-rise structures.

Fire-resistant composite cladding opens endless options for designers
Approved per International Building Code (IBC) and featured in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, new Fireshield 285 enables large facades of almost any shape, contour and texture.

The markets: Construction (2014)
Composite materials continue to play an increasingly significant role in building construction, primarily in residential applications.

Fire-resistant architectural panels
Ashland Performance Materials introduces fire-resistant exterior architectural building panels.

Once again, cautious optimism, an abundance of revealing research and a parade of notable new products are ACMA convention keystones.

“Composites and Architecture” blog
In an effort to publicize architectural composites, Kreysler and Associates Inc. (American Canyon, Calif.) has begun a blog, called “Composites and Architecture” (

The building envelope: Betting on the big time
Building code changes and growing architect familiarity feed more frequent composites use in large-scale commercial construction.

Concert hall composites: Acoustic alchemy
Massive composite acoustic structures will reflect and diffuse sound to heighten audio quality in a new high-profile performance space.

Training surge: Too little, too late?
Hands-on programs are aimed at younger students by educators hoping to prevent shortages of composites technicians and engineers.

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