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KraussMaffei recompounding line available for customer trials

KraussMaffei recompounding line available for customer trials
Applicable for extrusion and injection molding, the line enables all post-consumer LDPE, HDPE, PP or PS fractions to be processed into recompounds.

People in Composites: March 2020

People in Composites: March 2020
ACMA, KraussMaffei, FACC, LANXESS, and UAMMI announce new hires in the composites industry.

Chomarat glass fiber reinforcement lightens mass-produced auto parts

Chomarat glass fiber reinforcement lightens mass-produced auto parts
G-PLY, developed for KraussMaffei’s HP-RTM process, reportedly delivers weight savings of 60% for leaf springs.

PUR metering systems designed for digital integration

PUR metering systems designed for digital integration
KraussMaffei’s EcoStar, RimStar and RimStar Smart mixing and metering machines support digitization in polyurethane (PUR) foam production.


KraussMaffei technology enables addition of expandable graphite to PUR foam
KraussMaffei’s technology for expandable graphite metering makes the material’s use as a flame retardant an alternative or addition to liquid admixtures.

HP-RTM for aerospace composites

HP-RTM for serial production of cost-effective CFRP aerostructures
Merging automotive process and tooling with aerospace quality to meet increasing production rates.

long fiber injection molding

KraussMaffei expands LFI and SCS processing with shuttle mold carrier
At the Munich-based TechCenter, the MX mold carrier is developed to improve fiber injection and spraying capabilities including for large, Class-A components.

AZL OPTO-Light project for thermoplastic-overmolded thermoset composites parts

Thermoplastic overmolded thermosets, 2-minute cycle, one cell
Adhesive-free, functionalized hybrid composites enabled by industry-first, integrated molding cell.


Pultrusion picks up speed in automotive applications
Pultrusion is one of the most cost-effective processes for manufacturing high-volume composite parts.

radial braider

AMRC installing UK's largest radial braider
The new radial triaxial braider will support the development of complex lightweight preforms for automotive, aerospace and other weight sensitive industries.

Dr. Stefan Kruppa

People on the Move: July 2018
CW’s monthly roundup of people on the move in the composites industry.


KraussMaffei invests in second-hand machinery start-up
The KraussMaffei Group is expanding its portfolio and digital offering with a stake in the German second-hand machinery start-up GINDUMAC GmbH.

automated wetmolding system

KraussMaffei automated wetmolding system reduces cycle times
The new system is said to reduce the cycle time and increase process reliability compared with manual solutions. 

Fiber-reinforced PE pipe

New high-performance pipes for oil and gas industry from KraussMaffei
KraussMaffei has announced two pipe extrusion technologies including a new thermoplastic composite pipes pilot line and a three-layer pipe with a functional inner layer made of polyamide.

KraussMaffei RimStar Compact HP-RTM system

AMRC's high-pressure RTM and composite press facility open for R&D collaboration
The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre says its high-pressure RTM and composite press facility is now ready to host collaborative R&D projects with composites industry manufacturers.

KraussMaffei Wetmolding production cell.

JEC World 2018 preview: KraussMaffei
KraussMaffei (Hall 6, F61) is featuring several composites manufacturing technologies, covering wet molding, pultrusion, long fiber injection and overmolding. 

Romeo RIM long fiber injection LFI composite roof Class A finish

Large, Class A parts every 60-150 seconds
Romeo RIM advances long fiber injection process efficiency for lighter, lower-cost composite parts.

Fraunhofer ICT in-mold pressure sensors for HP-RTM
Pressure sensor-based mold fill expected to maximize part consistency and minimize cycle time for auto industry molders.

A look inside Fraunhofer ICT
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Munich, Germany) is the largest applied research organization in Europe, with more than 67 institutes and research units located throughout Germany staffed by 24,500 people, mostly scientists and engineers. CW recently got a chance to tour one, Fraunhofer ICT in Pfintzal, Germany. 

Quilted Stratum Process production line at Cetim

Automated Preforming, Part 3: Quilted Stratum Process
CW’s tour of Cetim and the QSP line which preforms multi-thickness thermoplastic materials in 40-90 seconds for composite parts with cycle times of 1-2 minutes.

curve-capable pultrusion process

Curved pultrusion? No longer an oxymoron
Radius-Pultrusion process offers linear or curved profiles.

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