Pivot Materials

Detroit-based bio-materials manufacturer, specializing in natural fiber-reinforced composites. Fibers include bamboo, rice hull and hemp. Polymers include bio-polymers and traditional. We specialize in safer, stronger and sustainable eco-friendly materials. It also provides composite design, engineering, testing and materials validation.

440 Burroughs Street
Ste. 602
Detroit, MI 48202 US


As Seen In CompositesWorld

bCore-cored glass skis

Natural fiber composites: Market share, one part at a time
New suppliers and adventurous composites fabricators put the “feel good” aspect in the rearview mirror, winning customers by competing on price and performance.

Product Categories of Pivot Materials

  • Matrix resins, thermoplastic
    • Polyethylene
    • Polypropylene
    • Other thermoplastics
  • Matrix materials, other
    • Other matrix materials
  • Fibers, organic
    • Other organic fibers
  • Fibers/fiber forms, natural (bio-derived)
    • Hemp
    • Other natural fibers
  • Compounds
    • Thermoplastic, long fiber-reinforced (LFRT)
    • Thermoplastic, short fiber-reinforced
    • Other compounds
  • Fillers
    • Other fillers
Composite Structures & Components
  • Automotive, body panels & substructures
  • Automotive, interior (seats, IPCs, floor panels, etc.)
  • Automotive, underhood
  • Carbon/carbon composites
  • Wood plastic composite fencing, decking & railing
  • Other composite structures
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • CAD/CAM/CAE design
  • Finite element modeling/analysis (FEM/FEA)
  • Materials analysis
  • Product design
  • Other services
  • Consulting
    • Consulting, business development/acquisition
    • Consulting, materials
    • Consulting, process development
    • Consulting, procurement/purchasing/specification
    • Consulting, structual design
    • Consulting, other