Icon Industries Inc.

1522 Madison SE
Grand Rapids , MI 49507 US


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Product Categories of Icon Industries Inc.

Autoclaves, lab size
Diecutting (die cutting) equipment
Dust-recovery/odor/ventilation equipment
Grinders, granulators, pulverizers
Preform manufacturing equipment
Preform manufacturing equipment
Presses, compression molding
Presses, diaphragm forming
Presses, hydraulic
Presses, injection Molding
Presses, laminating
Presses, low-pressure
Presses, software and controls
Presses, superplastic forming
Presses, thermoforming/pressure forming
Presses, vacuum
Pulverizing/grinding equipment
Reaction injection molding equipment (RIM, RRIM, SRIM)
Resin transfer molding equipment (RTM)
Temperature control devices
Used auxiliary equipment
Used primary equipment