Hyperion Catalysis International

Founded in 1982 to develop novel forms and morphologies of carbon, the company's flagship technology is a conductive, vapor-grown, multiwalled carbon nanotube. These tubes are tradenamed FIBRIL nanotubes.

38 Smith Pl.
Cambridge, MA 02138 US


As Seen In CompositesWorld

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Dr. Louis Pilato offers facts, figures and comment on the growing utility of carbon nanotechnologies in composites applications.

Anti-agglomeration (bad)

The key to CNTs: Functionalization
An emerging supply base is integrating carbon nanotubes into commercial products that enable composites manufacturers to optimize part performance.

Product Categories of Hyperion Catalysis International

  • Resin additives & modifiers
    • Nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.)