Hull Industries

Designs and builds compression presses, multi-opening presses, vacuum presses up to 3000 tons. Controls can include closed loop pressure and velocity, data collection and Ethernet. Performs press rebuilds and upgrades, and field service to troubleshoot and repair presses.

59 Industrial Dr.
New Britain, PA 18901 US

Chant Engineering Co.


Product Categories of Hull Industries

Primary manufacturing equipment
  • Impregnation lines
  • LFRT compounding/molding machinery
  • Preform manufacturing equipment
  • Resin transfer molding equipment (RTM)
  • Other primary manufacturing equipment
  • Presses
    • Presses, compression molding
    • Presses, hydraulic
    • Presses, injection Molding
    • Presses, laminating
    • Presses, low-pressure
    • Presses, software and controls
    • Presses, thermoforming/pressure forming
    • Presses, vacuum
Fiber converting/prepreg manufacturing equipment
  • Impregnation lines
    • Impregnation lines, solvent
Testing, gauging, monitoring, analytical equipment and software
  • Compression-after-impact testers
  • Fatigue-testing equipment
  • Flexural testers
  • Impact-testing equipment
  • Tensile testers
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • CAD/CAM/CAE design
  • Education/Training
  • Machine calibration services
  • Repair services, equipment and machines
  • Consulting
    • Consulting, process development
  • Testing
    • Testing, structural