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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Antiballistic composites: Course corrections
Changes in the military theater are rewriting the script for composites in ballistic protection applications.

IBEX 2010: Looking up in Louisville
A new location helps regenerate a recession-battered industry, drawing in more exhibitors and attendees than in 2009.

Hardwire panels

Antiballistics: The DARPA connection
 The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency' (DARPA) Armor Challenge taps into materials innovation at companies and by inventors who are not yet in the military procurement pipeline.

The Dome Home from Domes International

Standing Up to Natural Disasters
Composites are answering the call for residential and commercial structures that can weather future "perfect storms."

Building Bridges to Bridge and Building Rehab Markets
Despite a lack of standardization and education in the civil construction sector, these innovators use carbon and steel fibers to reinforce the business case for composites.

The Art of Armor Development
Composites are playing a bigger role in antiballistic systems designed to defuse a host of weapons, including improvised explosive devices.

Trolley used to position segments

Repair Of Infrastructure With Composites
Composites prove their mettle in large, demanding repairs and rehab.

Blast protection

Blast protection for large structures
Hardening of public buildings against terrorist threats represents a potentially huge market for antiballistic composites.

Armored ground vehicles

Composites on the frontlines
Armored vehicle applications on the ground and in the air fuel a growing, evolving market forhigh-performance materials.

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Ceramic matrix composites
Ceramic, Other
Ceramic, Other
Continuous laminating
Cutting, finishing, and machining
E-Glass, Other
E-Glass, Other
E-Glass, Roving, panel
Flexible mold materials
Flow media for resin infusion
Hybrid commingled fibers
Hybrid materials
Infrastructure, composite
Laminate sheets, solid
Metallized, Plain-weave
Metallized, Woven roving
Other organic fibers
Other services
Other thermoplastic prepregs
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Other
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Roving, panel
Testing, materials
Testing, product
Testing, structural
Ultrahigh-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene