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Unique fibers, product, technical, business, marketing and sales development. Fibers, resins, import, export, global sourcing. Co-developer of BioMid fiber.

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Ste. 201-533
Bellingham, WA 98225 US


As Seen In CompositesWorld

Bio-fibers: Green litmus test?
A key point of contention among cellulose fiber suppliers is whether fiber produced as a byproduct of harvesting trees and processing lumber is as green as fiber produced from food or plant crops. That point is considered here.

Bio-composites update: Beyond eco-branding
No longer dependent only on their green credentials, some suppliers of bio-based fibers and resins are competing on price and performance.

Report: CompositesWorld's Materials, Markets, Manufacturing conference
The CompositesWorld 2012 conference, Materials, Markets and Manufacturing, colocated with the SAMPE Fall Technical Conference in Charleston, S.C., USA, Oct. 22-23, gathered together a strong slate of speakers and some very interesting presentations.

New cellulose-based fiber
Biomid is a new 100 percent cellulose-based fiber for use in composites, developed by Gordon Shank Consulting LLC and composite materials distributor ENC International.

CompositesWorld Materials, Markets, Manufacturing agenda finalized
CompositesWorld's 2012 Materials, Markets, Manufacturing conference will be co-located with SAMPE Tech, Oct. 22-23 in Charleston, S.C., USA.

Product Categories of Gordon Shank Consulting

  • Fibers, inorganic
    • Basalt
    • Boron
    • E-Glass
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
  • Fibers, organic
    • Aramid
    • Carbon, PAN-based
    • Nylon
  • Fibers/fiber forms, natural (bio-derived)
    • Other natural fibers
  • Reinforcements, unimpregnated
    • Aramid
      • Aramid, Chopped strand
      • Aramid, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • Aramid, Roving, single-end direct
      • Aramid, Other
    • Aramid/glass hybrid
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Chopped strand
    • Other unimpregnated reinforcement forms
      • Other, Yarns
  • Coatings and sizings
    • Sizings
  • Casting resins
    • Epoxy
    • Unsaturated polyester
  • Fillers
    • Silica, amorphous
    • Other fillers
  • Catalysts, promoters and curing agents
    • Curing agents, amines
  • Resin additives & modifiers
    • Coupling agents
    • Foaming agents
    • Low-profile additives
    • Thickening agents
    • Toughening agents
    • Viscosity control agents
    • Other additives/modifiers