G. Angeloni Srl

Carbon, aramid, glass, Vectran and hybrid fabrics and tapes. Metalized glass fabrics. Prepregs. Vacuum equipment and consumables. Silicone rubbers, liquid and uncured sheets. Momentive and Sicomin epoxy resins. PVC foams.

Via Abbate Tommaso 72/A
Quarto d'Altino, Venice, 30020 IT


As Seen In CompositesWorld

Articulated composite booms extend reach of concrete-pumping arms
A 25% weight reduction vs. legacy steel yields economics that justify upfront cost of carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Makes Ship-to-shore Crossings More Stable
Traditional wood and metal gangways have been heavy and, therefore, both hard to handle and narrow — the latter to save weight. Exit Engineering (Fiesso d'Artico, Italy) has developed several carbon composite gangways — the latest, a 350 cm/138 inch model targeted at the larger yacht market. At 60 cm/23.6 in wide,

Source: Karl Reque

Composite tidal turbine to harness ocean energy
Glass, carbon composites are the materials of choice for system that harvests energy from tidal currents.


Composites in Light-Sport Aircraft
The Federal Aviation Admin.'s Light-Sport Aircraft designation promotes growth in the manufacture of composite recreational aircraft.

Exit Engineering Yacht Steering Wheel

One-piece molded carbon steering wheel for yachts
Concurrent product and manufacturing system design creates lightweight, hollow spoked structure without joints.

Product Categories of G. Angeloni Srl

  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • Epoxy
      • Epoxy, 250 F cure
      • Epoxy, toughened
  • Reinforcements, unimpregnated
    • C-glass
      • C-glass, Surfacing veil
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, Chopped strand
      • E-Glass, Combination woven roving & chopped strand mat
      • E-Glass, Mat, chopped strand
  • Fabrics, unimpregnated
    • Aramid
      • Aramid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Aramid, 5-harness
      • Aramid, 8-harness
      • Aramid, Basket-weave
      • Aramid, Plain-weave
      • Aramid, Spread-tow fabric
      • Aramid, Spread-tow tape
      • Aramid, Twill
      • Aramid, Woven roving
      • Aramid, Other
    • Aramid/glass hybrid
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, 5-harness
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, 8-harness
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Basket-weave
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Spread-tow fabric
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Spread-tow tape
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Twill
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Woven roving
      • Aramid/glass hybrid, Other
    • Carbon
      • Carbon, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Carbon, 5-harness
      • Carbon, 8-harness
      • Carbon, Basket-weave
      • Carbon, Multiaxial
      • Carbon, Plain-weave
      • Carbon, Spread-tow fabric
      • Carbon, Spread-tow tape
      • Carbon, Twill
      • Carbon, Woven roving
      • Carbon, Other
    • Carbon/aramid hybrid
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, 5-harness
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, 8-harness
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Basket-weave
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Multiaxial
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Plain-weave
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Spread-tow fabric
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Spread-tow tape
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Twill
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Woven roving
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Other
    • Carbon/glass hybrid
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, 5-harness
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, 8-harness
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Basket-weave
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Spread-tow fabric
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Spread-tow tape
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Twill
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Woven roving
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Other
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • E-Glass, 5-harness
      • E-Glass, 8-harness
      • E-Glass, Basket-weave
      • E-Glass, Multiaxial
      • E-Glass, Plain-weave
      • E-Glass, Spread-tow fabric
      • E-Glass, Spread-tow tape
      • E-Glass, Twill
      • E-Glass, Woven roving
      • E-Glass, Other
    • Metallized
      • Metallized, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Metallized, 5-harness
      • Metallized, 8-harness
      • Metallized, Basket-weave
      • Metallized, Plain-weave
      • Metallized, Spread-tow fabric
      • Metallized, Spread-tow tape
      • Metallized, Twill
      • Metallized, Woven roving
      • Metallized, Other
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 5-harness
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 8-harness
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Basket-weave
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Multiaxial
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Plain-weave
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Spread-tow fabric
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Spread-tow tape
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Twill
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Woven roving
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Other
    • Other unimpregnated fabrics
      • Other, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • Other, 5-harness
      • Other, 8-harness
      • Other, Basket-weave
      • Other, Plain-weave
      • Other, Spread-tow fabric
      • Other, Spread-tow tape
      • Other, Twill
      • Other, Woven roving
  • Preforms, unimpregnated
    • Carbon
  • Prepregs, thermoset
    • Cyanate ester
      • Cyanate ester, Fabric
    • Epoxy
      • Epoxy, Fabric
    • Epoxy, 250 F cure
      • Epoxy, 250 F cure, Fabric
    • Epoxy, 350 F cure
      • Epoxy, 350 F cure, Fabric
    • Epoxy, toughened
      • Epoxy, toughened, Fabric
  • Adhesives
    • Cyanoacrylate
      • Cyanoacrylate, Other
    • Epoxy
      • Epoxy, Paste
      • Epoxy, Other
    • Methyl methacrylate (MMA)
      • Methyl methacrylate (MMA), Paste
      • Methyl methacrylate (MMA), Other
    • Other
      • Other, Other
  • Core materials and flow media
    • Flow media for resin infusion
    • Foam core
      • Foam core, PVC
Tools/tooling materials
  • Tooling equipment, materials and supplies
    • Release films
    • Release films, for prepreg
    • Release films, for vacuum bagging