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ESI PAM-COMPOSITES is a unique software for the manufacturing process simulation of composite structural, semi-structural or nonstructural components. It addresses processes such as draping, thermoforming, RTM and curing.

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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Highlights: Composites Convention 2019
Highlights from the Composites Convention 2019, June 12-13, in Stade, Germany, organized by CFK Valley e.V. and Carbon Composites e.V, and the German Aerospace Center’s 5th Colloquium on Production Technology, on May 15, in Augsburg.

thermoplastic autocomposites gearbox design

Proving performance in EV powertrains
Simulation-driven development replaces aluminum with thermoplastic composites in gearbox housing.

virtual reality in composites

Advancing composites through virtual and augmented reality
A review of technologies that are bridging the technical divide between the virtual world of design and simulation, and the real-world of composites manufacturing and repair.

Fast and Faster: Rapid-cure resins drive down cycle times
New systems include sub-1-minute cures ideal for higher automotive production volumes.

Consolidating thermoplastic composite aerostructures in place, Part 1
After more than 30 years of development, in-situ consolidation is nearing its promise to eliminate fasteners and the autoclave, and enable an integrated, multifunctional airframe.

CompositesWorld logo.

ESI Group updates composites process simulation software
ESI Group (Paris, France) has released ESI PAM-COMPOSITES 2017, the latest version of the company’s process simulation software for the manufacture of composites.

Virtual prototyping software updated
ESI Group (Paris, France), a developer of virtual prototyping software and services for manufacturing industries, has released its PAM-COMPOSITES 2016 software solution to provide process and design engineers with its full suite of modules to predict, analyze and correct manufacturing defects of composite structural components across the manufacturing chain.

Resin transfer molding: An update
Fulfilling the promise of OOA composites without sacrificing pressure.

Understanding the influence of fiber orientation on structural analysis of fiber-filled parts
The effect of fiber orientation on material properties is a key way the injection molding process impacts mechanical performance. Doug Kenik and Angie Schrader of the Design, Lifecycle & Simulation product group at Autodesk (Waltham, MA, US) illustrates two ways fiber orientation influences the structural behavior of fiber-filled parts and discuss the need for a bi-directional approach to design and analysis.

Vibration analysis software
ESI Group has launched its latest version of VA One, which provides a simulation environment for vibro-acoustic analysis and design.

Software Update: Simulation saves
A look inside the increasingly well-equipped virtual toolbox for composite design, analysis, and manufacturing.

Cutting the cost of integrated composite aerostructures
A unitized all-composite aircraft door concept is realized in one shot with no fasteners.

SPE ACCE 2012 Review
Bursting at the seams, the 12th annual Society of Plastic Engineers Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition tops its previous bests.

Integrated, optimized aircraft door
This composites manufacturer is betting its one-piece 3-D preform and RTM process will trim weight from today’s fastener-intensive “black aluminum” aircraft doors.

Step 2: Second Station

High-Volume Preforming for Automotive Application
 More than a dozen parts for four Aston Martin models are mass produced in France using Ford Motor Co.'s optimized Programmable Preforming Process and resin transfer molding.

JEC reports that 27,000 composites industry professionals were on hand for all or part of the three-day event.
Source: JEC

JEC COMPOSITES 2008 show review
Composites professionals converged on this annual Parisian gathering in greater numbers than ever before, confident that the market’s global growth will continue.

NISA II/Compsoite screen shot

FEA Roundup: Design, Simulation And Analysis Converge
New modeling and analysis software products increase the accessibility and reliability of finite element analysis data.

The SMARTweave embedded sensor grid enables a real-time display of the resin flow front in RTM and VARTM systems.

Liquid Composite Molding Achieves Aerospace Quality
Improvements in materials, tooling and process control bring RTM and VARTM into the realm of aerospace components.

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