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STANDARD FILAMENT WINDERS: Cost-effective, reliable machinery that covers the majority of market needs for filament winding

Over half a century of experience, tried and trusted design practices, years of cost reductions, and decades developing custom filament winders and winding systems have led Engineering Technology Corporation to a competitive catalog of cost-effective and reliable standardized machinery that covers the majority of market needs for filament winding. 

Standard options range from laboratory scale table-top filament winders, specifically made for winding test coupons, up to multi-spindle automated pressure vessel winders with industry-leading fiber payout...

In addition to machinery, the Company provides complete solutions for the filament winding industry, including: production consulting, onsite machinery installation, process integration, training and other services to meet customers' needs for manufacturing composite parts.

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A Message from Engineering Technology Corporation

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CORP: Global Expert in Filament Winding & Composite Solutions

Engineering Technology Corporation, previously known as Entec, is a global expert in filament winding, composite solutions and a complete service provider for the filament winding industry.

CUSTOM FILAMENT WINDERS: Tailored specifically for unique customer needs

As a worldwide leader in the filament winding industry, Engineering Technology Corporation strives to create solutions beyond the standards, built to suit any unique customer need.

WINDING SOFTWARE FIBERGRAFIX: Robust Filament Winding Solution

FiberGrafiX – a filament winding software which works seamlessly with our winders, as well as the majority of winders available in the market.

RETROFIT & SERVICE: Complete Service for the Best Outcome in Filament Winding

A large part of the business for Engineering Technology Corporation is the retrofit of older equipment with new control systems, motors and drives and other electronics; not only on our machinery but also equipment from other OEMs.

R&D SERVICES: Outstanding Capabilities to Drive Innovations

Engineering Technology Corporation provides outstanding capabilities for your next R&D projects!

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Complete line of Fiber Handling Solutions to Optimize Filament Winding Production

As a global expert in filament winding, Engineering Technology Corporation knows all about filament winding and provide everything needed to optimize the performance and safety of any filament winding work cell.

AUTOMATION: Increased Production Efficiency and Repeatability with an Authorized FANUC Systems Integrator

Improved safety, production capability, quality, and traceability are more important than ever for the filament winding industry as composites become commonplace in the commercial sector.

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Fiber placement
Fiber-handling equipment for SMC, pultrusion, filament
Filament winding
Filament winding
Filament winding machines and software controls
Finite element modeling/analysis (FEM/FEA)
Impregnation lines
Inspection services
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