Manufactures CORAFOAM low- and high-temperature, high-density polyurethane (HDU) tooling board from 4 lb/ft³ through 43 lb/ft³, using the company's in-continuous manufacturing process. Its new BLUE CORINTHO HT 700 tooling board can withstand up to 400°F.

4210 FM 1405 Rd.
Baytown, TX 77523 US

Additional Locations:
5900 W. Sixth St.
Ludington, MI 49431 US
(281) 383-3862



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CAMX 2017 preview: DUNA-USA
DUNA-USA Inc. (Baytown, TX, US) is debuting its BLACK CORINTHO HT 800 high- temperature tooling board, which offers low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) at temperatures up to 400°F, coupled with high thermal conductivity for reducing oven and autoclave cycle times.

DUNA-USA launches high-temp, low-CTE tooling board
DUNA-USA Inc. (Baytown, TX, US) has introduced Black Corintho, a high-temperature, high-density, low-coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) tooling board for prototyping, composite layup tooling, and master model making.

DUNA-USA to expand Baytown, Texas plant
A new automated fabrication facility, new foaming line and third manufacturing building will be phased in during spring 2017.

High-temperature tooling board
DUNA-USA (Baytown, TX, US) has introduced BLUE CORINTH HT 700, a new high-temperature tooling system that offers an operating temperature of 205°C and a Tg of 265°C.

High-temperature polyurethane tooling board
DUNA-USA (Baytown, TX, US) introduced at CAMX 2015 in Dallas, TX, US, its new BLUE CORINTHO HT high-temperature polyurethane tooling board, designed for prototyping, prepreg composite layup tooling and master plug and moldmaking.

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