A supplier of engineering thermoplastics providing sustainable solutions for the automotive and electrical/electronic industries with high performance materials, including Akulon polyamides 6 and 66, Stanyl high-heat polyamide 46, Arnitel TPC, and EcoPaXX polyamide 410, a bio-based plastic.

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Plant Tour: FiberCore Europe, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
From debond-proof bridges to cost-saving infrastructure rehab, InfraCore technology is establishing composites as the fourth major construction material.

Royal DSM acquires remaining part of DSM-AGI joint venture
Royal DSM (Heerlen, Netherlands) announced  on August 9 that it has concluded the acquisition of the outstanding 49% of shares in its DSM-AGI joint venture.

DSM launches next generation of Diablo high temperature polyamides
The new grades are aimed at applications in automotive engine compartments and temperatures as high as 260°C.

Nuna7 completes testing, prepares for World Solar Challenge
The Delft University of Technology's Nuna7 solar-powered and composite-intensive car is headed to Australia to compete in the 2013 World Solar Challenge in October.

JEC 2013 at first blush
CT Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan risks some immediate reactions to his week in Paris at the JEC Europe 2013 composites trade show.

Exceeding the Limits
Three novel fiber-reinforced, high-temperature thermoplastics promise part designers a broader means to push past performance barriers.

High-temp thermoplastics: Higher Expectations
As the drive to greater fuel efficiency under the hood catches fire, fiber-reinforced thermoplastics prove they can take the heat.

DSM, Elevance will collaborate on bio-based thermoplastics
DSM will evaluate Elevance's bio-based, plant-oil-derived monomers for production of specialty high-performance thermoplastic materials.

Bio-nylon product line expanded
DSM Engineering Plastics has added five new products to its EcoPaXX line of bio-based, high-performance polyamides.

Product Categories of DSM

  • Matrix resins, thermoplastic
    • Nylon (polyamide)