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PTFE, UHMW, FEP and THV polymer films and tapes, often pressure-sensitive, for abrasion-resistance, chemical inertness and thermal resilience. PTFE-based DYNAGLIDE for bearings and seals. Unsintered and expanded PTFE (Poro-Tex); porous UHMW-PE (Uni-Pore); bearing-grade, filled PTFE (Dynaglide); Capliner materials and laminates.

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A Message from DeWAL Industries LLC

DeWAL Industries offers silicone-free adhesive tapes for the Composite Industry.

A complete set of silicone-free adhesive tapes, including glass fabric, high density PTFE, aluminum foil and glass laminate and a red polyester in two thicknesses are now available from DeWAL Industries.

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