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composite casts for dinosaur skeletons

Composites fill the gaps in museum dinosaur skeletons
Ontario-based Research Casting International uses composites to build lightweight, durable dinosaur castings for museums around the world.

Additive manufacturing a new frontier for composites
Leading additive manufacturing authority Terry Wohlers (Wohlers Associates Inc., Ft. Collins., Colo.) comments on two decades of AM progress and AM's prospects as a composites manufacturing solution.

Solid Concepts engine part

Carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide performs in engine part
When École Polytechnique de Montréal (Montreal, Canada) developed a race car to enter in the 2010 Formula SAE competition, it turned to Solid Concepts Inc. (Valencia, Calif.) and additive fabrication for help.

Urban turbine

Urban turbine redesign taps benefits of additive fabrication
Michael R. LeGault details efforts to produce an anti-icing system for “small-wind” vertical-axis wind turbine blades.

RM diagram

The rise of rapid manufacturing
An outgrowth of rapid prototyping, tool-free additive fabrication technologies have the potential to form small, limited-run composite parts directly from CAD data.

James Colgrove

2008 SPE Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition
The annual gathering of automotive composites experts revealed significant effort to make composites more affordable and efficient and mold cycle times faster. 

Terry Wohlers

Prototyping and manufacturing by additive fabrication
 Additive fabrication (AF) technology, such as laser sintering (LS) and fused deposition modeling (FDM), encompasses a wide range of applications. The earliest was rapid prototyping to support design, concept modeling, fit/function testing, and pattern making without the need to construct expensive tooling for prototypes and test articles. Manufacturers also are using AF to produce jigs, fixtures, drill guides, and other manufacturing and assembly tools.

Sandwich structure 2

Rapid Manufacturing, Part II: Pioneer Applications
Harbingers of what could be a significant trend, these composites manufacturers demonstrate the potential of additive fabrication and several innovative materials in tool-free manufacture of complex components.

Honda RS 125GP

Rapid Manufacturing, Part I: The Technologies
An outgrowth of rapid prototyping, tool-free additive fabrication is shortening product development cycles for manufacturers of smaller, limited-run composite parts.

Focus on Design: The promise of rapid manufacturing
Selective Laser Sintering technology and new materials abbreviate the design phase and produce a key part for a new motorcycle racing engine.

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