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Professional 3D printing services with their Windform range of high performance materials for Additive Manufacturing; R&D on materials for AM and manufacturing processes; production and sale to OEMs of their WIndform high-performance materials for AM; reverse engineering

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fire retardant carbon fiber reinforced additive manufacturing composites

Flame-retardant composite developed for additive manufacturing
CRP Technology’s Windform FR1 is a carbon fiber-filled flame retardant material for use with laser sintering.

additive manufacturing composite wind tunnel

Additive manufacturing speeds wind tunnel model creation
A new composite material was developed to 3D-print a helicopter model that met structural needs while providing flexibility for fast reproduction.

Windform 3D printing carbon fiber

CRP Technology revises commercial strategy for Windform materials
CRP Technology has announced that it will no longer sell its Windform composite materials to service bureaus for the toll-manufacture of 3D printing components. 

composite bicycle frame

The markets: Sports and recreation (2019)
Today, composites are found in products used in 7 of the 10 most popular outdoor sports and recreational activities.

3D printing for a Bonneville run
As a former (amateur vintage) racer myself, I appreciate all things motorsports. CRP USA LLC (Mooresville, NC, US), the maker of Windform SLS 3D printing materials as well as provider of custom additive manufacturing and machining services, sent me a case study of a motorsports team that recently set a new class record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, thanks to the fast part production possible with 3D printing. 

New 3D-printed front air inlet made with Windform composite materials
CRP Technology recently developed a new front air inlet for a Moto3 racing customer, which was manufactured in Windform materials by using an SLS additive manufacturing technique.

Windform RL

CRP Technology launches new thermoplastic elastomer material for additive manufacturing
Windform RL is a durable thermoplastic elastomer material with rubber-like distinguishing features.

3D-printed hybrid golf club head scores
Multi-material blend joins composite, titanium and brass.


CRP invests in new machines that can produce composite parts
The company has invested in new technology in additive manufacturing and CNC machining.

First 3D printed skiboot uses carbon fiber, wins ISPO award
Windform SP milled carbon fiber polyamide used with laser sintering actualizes patented idea for three different insoles creating better grip and less injuries.

Additive manufacturing a new frontier for composites
Leading additive manufacturing authority Terry Wohlers (Wohlers Associates Inc., Ft. Collins., Colo.) comments on two decades of AM progress and AM's prospects as a composites manufacturing solution.

RM diagram

The rise of rapid manufacturing
An outgrowth of rapid prototyping, tool-free additive fabrication technologies have the potential to form small, limited-run composite parts directly from CAD data.

James Colgrove

2008 SPE Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition
The annual gathering of automotive composites experts revealed significant effort to make composites more affordable and efficient and mold cycle times faster. 

Terry Wohlers

Prototyping and manufacturing by additive fabrication
 Additive fabrication (AF) technology, such as laser sintering (LS) and fused deposition modeling (FDM), encompasses a wide range of applications. The earliest was rapid prototyping to support design, concept modeling, fit/function testing, and pattern making without the need to construct expensive tooling for prototypes and test articles. Manufacturers also are using AF to produce jigs, fixtures, drill guides, and other manufacturing and assembly tools.

Sandwich structure 2

Rapid Manufacturing, Part II: Pioneer Applications
Harbingers of what could be a significant trend, these composites manufacturers demonstrate the potential of additive fabrication and several innovative materials in tool-free manufacture of complex components.

Honda RS 125GP

Rapid Manufacturing, Part I: The Technologies
An outgrowth of rapid prototyping, tool-free additive fabrication is shortening product development cycles for manufacturers of smaller, limited-run composite parts.

Focus on Design: The promise of rapid manufacturing
Selective Laser Sintering technology and new materials abbreviate the design phase and produce a key part for a new motorcycle racing engine.

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