CRG Industries LLC

4250 Display Lane
Kettering , OH 45429 US


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Shape Memory Mandrel, Reheated

Tooling And Toolmaking Innovations Continue
New products and practices advance the efficiency and economy of advanced composite part production.

Individual MMT sheets dispersed throughout matrix

From specialty fillers to space elevators
Nanomaterials research and early commercialization set stage for promising future of nanocomposites.

Product Categories of CRG Industries LLC

  • Matrix resins, thermoset
    • Other thermosets
  • Matrix materials, other
    • Other matrix materials
  • Core materials and flow media
    • Syntactic core, expanding
    • Syntactic core, nonexpanding
Primary manufacturing equipment
  • Autoclaves
  • Autoclaves, software and controls
  • Bladder molding equipment (formerly pressure bag)
  • Extruders
  • Automated fiber placement machines
  • Filament winding machines and software controls
  • Preform manufacturing equipment
  • Resin transfer molding equipment (RTM)
  • Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding equipment (VARTM
  • Other primary manufacturing equipment
Tools/tooling materials
  • Other tools/tooling materials
  • Tooling equipment, materials and supplies
    • Master pattern material, other
    • Release films
    • Release films, for prepreg
    • Release films, for vacuum bagging
    • Tooling board
    • Tooling prepreg
Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
    • Mixers
  • Composite repair equipment
    • Repair kits and equipment
  • Supplies
    • Other supplies
Fiber converting/prepreg manufacturing equipment
  • Preform manufacturing equipment
Fabricating Services
  • Other fabricating services
  • Thermoplastic materials
    • Other thermoplastics fabricating services
  • Thermoset materials
    • Other thermoset fabricating services
Composite Structures & Components
  • Aerospace, aircraft interior
  • Armor, composite
  • Automotive, body panels & substructures
  • Infrastructure, composite
  • Marine, other
  • Other composite structures
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • CAD/CAM/CAE design
  • Civil engineering
  • Finite element modeling/analysis (FEM/FEA)
  • Repair services, composites
  • Consulting
    • Consulting, materials