Coastal Enterprises Co.

Manufacturer of Precision Board polyurethane tooling board: PBHT 300°F; PBLT 200°F. No outgassing. Large sheets - Up to 5'x10', 24" thick, 15 densities (4 to 75 pcf). Custom bonded to any size/shape. Noncarcinogenic/nonhazardous, Meets FAR 25.853. Manufactured in USA.

1925 W Collins Ave.
Orange, CA 92867 US


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Precision Board Products and Services


Precision Board High Density Urethane Tooling Boards Coastal Enterprises manufactures Precision Board High Density Urethane (HDU)Tooling Boards right here in the USA.

Custom Tooling Blocks

We specialize in Custom Tooling Blocks cut and bonded to the general shape of your tool’s final dimensions.

PB Fast Set And PB Bond 240 Urethane Adhesives

PB Fast Set is an amber colored, one part, urethane adhesive that fully cures in 30 minutes.

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Each day features a different theme celebrating the composites manufacturing industry.

CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Coastal Enterprises Co.
Coastal Enterprises Co. is introducing a new 25-lb. density option for its Precision Board high-density urethane tooling board.

Vitralit UV 4802

New Products: April 2018
CW’s monthly roundup of new products for the composites industry.

Coastal Enterprises' material selection guide is here to help
Material selection guide can help determine if Precision Board HDU is right for a project.

CW Talks catches up with Chuck Miller
The founder of tooling board manufacturer Coastal Enterprises explains how he went from engineering solutions for the the Saturn V rocket launch vehicle in the mid-1960s to making polyurethane boards for tool proofing.

Yes, you clean tooling board with dry ice
Coastal Enterprises and Cold Jet cooperate to assess the use of dry ice blasting to clean the contaminated surface of a high-density urethane tooling board material.

CAMX 2017 preview: Coastal Enterprises
Coastal Enterprises Co. (Orange, CA), manufacturer of Precision Board HDU (high-density urethane) tooling board, is emphasizing updated speeds, feeds and chip load information for CNC routing of Precision Board.

Lightweighting speed into CNC machining
Drawing on a long history in composites manufacturing and CNC machining, this innovator turns to carbon fiber composites to reduce gantry component weight and increase shaping efficiency.

Mobile app for tooling boards
Coastal Enterprises (Orange, CA, US) has introduced Precision Board Mobile, a mobile app designed to help composites professionals get more information on Coastal's high-density urethane tooling materials.

CAMX 2016 preview: Coastal Enterprises
Coastal Enterprises (Orange, CA, US), manufacturer of Precision Board high-density urethane (HDU) tooling board, is introducing its new No to Low Dust CNC-machinable Precision Board.

Tooling board
Coastal Enterprises has introduced a newly updated Precision Board HDU tooling board which, the company says, features a tighter cell structure that machines cleanly with chips and little to no dust. Video.

CAMX 2015 preview: Coastal Enterprises
Coastal Enterprises (Orange, CA, US), a manufacturer of Precision Board high-density urethane tooling board, will feature two new products at CAMX.

Massive, bondline-free tooling block
A candidate for the biggest “bun” from high-density urethane foam?

Resin infusion produces autoclave-capable tools for Scorpion jet
Leading Edge Aerospace designs and builds cost-effective prototype tools for maverick military aircraft concept.

Low-rate layup tools made cost-effective with high-density polyurethane foam blocks
Nemesis Air Racing, an air racing team and kit-plane company owned and operated by Jon and Patricia Sharp, use prebonded closed-cell, polyurethane foam blocks to build the Nemesis NXT.

Tooling boards improve processes
In the composites industry, many parts are the product of one-off or few-of-a-kind production programs. In response, tooling material suppliers today provide an increasing variety of relatively inexpensive materials grouped under the heading of tooling board.

Cost-effective carbon composite reflector dish
Modular manufacturing method forms different dish sizes with near mirror-perfect reflective surfaces, without resort to one-off tools.

CW2008 booth

COMPOSITESWORLD Expo 2008 Showcase
The inaugural COMPOSITESWORLD Expo Conference and Exhibition draws participants from all segmentsof the industry, including many new faces.

McClean Anderson's Tabletop Filament Winding Machine

The inaugural COMPOSITESWORLD Expo Conference and Exhibition draws participants from all segments of the industry, including many new faces.

Wisconsin Oven

COMPOSITESWORLD Expo Preshow Preview
CWExpo organizers pull aside the curtain for a sneak preview of the Expo's two keynote speakers and some new products that exhibitors will have on display in Schaumburg.

Tooling Board

Taking Up Tooling Boards
Tooling Board ManufacturersEpoxy and polyurethane tooling boards are a standby for creating models or low-run-production tooling.

Product Categories of Coastal Enterprises Co.

  • Adhesives
    • Epoxy
      • Epoxy, Solvent-based
      • Epoxy, Other
    • Urethane
      • Urethane, Water-based
      • Urethane, Other
  • Core materials and flow media
    • Syntactic core, nonexpanding
    • Foam core
      • Foam core, polyurethane
  • Coatings and sizings
    • Protective
    • Other coating materials
Tools/tooling materials
  • Other tools/tooling materials
  • Tools
    • Cast
    • Prototype
    • RTM/resin infusion
    • Composite
      • Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
      • Composite, fiberglass
      • Composite, prepreg
      • Composite, other
  • Mandrels
    • Mandrels, segmented
    • Mandrels, other
  • Tooling equipment, materials and supplies
    • Backup structures
    • Expendable materials
    • Master pattern material, polymeric
    • Master pattern material, other
    • Tooling board
    • Tooling prepreg
    • Urethane
Fabricating services
  • Thermoset materials
    • Adhesive bonding
    • Cutting, finishing, and machining
    • Moldmaking and patternmaking
    • Prototyping
    • Reaction injection molding (RIM)
    • Resin transfer molding (RTM)
    • Vacuum forming
    • Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
    • Other thermoset fabricating services