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SAMBA series: Fiber Patch Placement production systems for complex fiber composites. ARTIST STUDIO: fiber patch layup software (CAD), machine programming and process simulation (CAM) for SAMBA systems. In addition, development (including CAE) and manufacturing services for prototypes and series products.

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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Cevotec Fiber Patch Placement composite preforming for high-volume composite parts production

Fiber Patch Placement at scale
SAMBA automated cells now offered in Step, Pro and Scale models, for 3D preforming dry fiber and prepreg at rates up to 15-100 kg/hr.

Cevotec now offers tapes for AFP/ATL
Cevotec’s cevoTape carbon fiber tape for automated placement processes is now commercially available.

Cevotec dry fiber bindered carbon fiber tape for AFP ATL automated fiber placement

Cevotec dry-fiber bindered tape available for automated placement
Manufacturer of SAMBA automated placement systems offers high-quality material aimed to make series CFRP production economical for non-aerospace applications.

Preforming goes industrial: Part 2
Automated preforming isn’t only for 2D and 2.5D parts. Innovators are taking successful aim at building 3D preforms at production speeds.

Preforms to parts via Quilted Stratum Process

Automated preforming: The numbers and landscape
CW’s multi-blog series on preforming begins with an overview and quick look at the numbers: 1-min takt time, 10-15 seconds per layer, 490-kg/hr and 3.5 million parts/yr. Are you ready for serial CFRP production?

Exclusive preview of SAMBA preforming demo
Cevotec unveils its Artist Studio software and automated SAMBA preforming cell at JEC World 2017.

JEC World 2017 exhibit preview
JEC World will be held March 14-16 in Paris. CW previews some of the products and technologies that will be at the show.

Cevotec, Baumann announce partnership to industrialize FPP
The first FPP system will be launched at JEC World 2017 (Mar. 14-16, Paris, France).

Fiber patch preforms help tailor kiteboard performance
Automated means for laying fiber only where needed offers new potential to fine-tune torsional stiffness and flexibility to board and rider styles.

Automated preform process boosts properties while cutting cycle time
Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) achieves optimized fiber orientation for up to 150% increase in stiffness and reduced cycle time, weight and material waste.

Automation and rapid processing dominate at JEC Americas
Highlights include Fiber Patch Preforming, automated potting and insert equipment and processes delivering composite parts in minutes.

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