Carolina Narrow Fabric

Since 1929, the company has supported the composites and electrical industries with tapes that have not only met demand, but also have contributed to breakthrough innovations.

1100 Patterson Ave.
Winston Salem, NC 27101 US


Product Categories of Carolina Narrow Fabric

  • Reinforcements, unimpregnated
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, Yarns
  • Fabrics, unimpregnated
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
      • E-Glass, 5-harness
      • E-Glass, 8-harness
      • E-Glass, Basket-weave
      • E-Glass, Plain-weave
      • E-Glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
      • E-Glass, Twill
      • E-Glass, Other