Burnham Composite Structures Inc.

6262 W. 34th St. South
Wichita , KS 67215 US


About Burnham Composite Structures, Inc.

Located in Wichita, Kansas, Burnham Composite Structures, Inc. supports the aerospace industry with Composite tooling reinforcements trademarked Fiber-Lok™ and Build to print composite structures, assemblies, and parts.

Commitment to process control and continuous improvement are evident in the daily activities of our people. Our quality system is registered to ISO 9001:2008 + AS 9100C. Burnham is also a NADCAP accredited facility.

Many well-established aerospace companies such as: Boeing's Commercial, Military and Helicopter Divisions, Cessna Aircraft Company, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Collins, Bell Helicopter and Textron utilize Burnham's manufacturing capability and services.

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Product Categories of Burnham Composite Structures Inc.

Adhesive bonding
Adhesive bonding
Aerospace, aircraft interior
Aerospace, flight control surfaces
Aerospace, radomes
Autoclave cure
Backup structures
Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
Composite, fiberglass
Composite, other
Composite, prepreg
Compression molding
Compression molding
Hand layup
Honeycomb structures
Laminate panels, with core
Laminate sheets, solid
Mandrels, other
Moldmaking and patternmaking
Other composite structures
Pressure forming
Prototype, plaster
Resin transfer molding (RTM)
RTM/resin infusion
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)