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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Five more exciting months in composites for 2017
As I write this column, we in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the “dog days of summer,” that period from early July until late August when outdoor temperatures and humidity are the highest, and, it seems, business activity is at its lowest.

Preforms to parts via Quilted Stratum Process

Automated preforming: The numbers and landscape
CW’s multi-blog series on preforming begins with an overview and quick look at the numbers: 1-min takt time, 10-15 seconds per layer, 490-kg/hr and 3.5 million parts/yr. Are you ready for serial CFRP production?

GKN A350 spar program update
Automated fiber placement to replace established tape laying/drape forming process for the composite rear spars on the new midsize commercial passenger jet.

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