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The markets: Aerospace (2021)
The coronavirus pandemic, a once-in-a-millennia global catastrophe, has depressed commercial air travel in unprecedented and disastrous ways. Implications start with the airlines themselves and trickle down to major airframers and the entire tier structure of the aerospace supply chain.

M-Technologie rebrands as SA France S.A.S

M-Technologie rebrands as SA France S.A.S
The Broetje-Automation Group subsidiary rebranding is a strategic approach to better leverage the Group’s aerospace know-how for the European market.

Airbus Wing of Tomorrow 17-meter lower wing skin tool with lid on at Spirit AeroSystems (Europe)

Update: Lower wing skin, Wing of Tomorrow
Airbus is evaluating several advanced composites technologies as part of its Wing of Tomorrow program. Among these is liquid resin infusion of the lower wing skin, being developed by Spirit AeroSystems.

Broetje-Automation presents automated sealer for aircraft components.

Broetje-Automation presents automated sealer for aircraft components.
The automated, modular system enables clean, safe and speedy production for all aircraft component sealing. 

GroFi, a multi-robot AFP/ATL manufacturing cell that aims to increase fabrication speed and efficiency for large aerospace composite parts.

Modular, mobile, multiple robotics poised to change the AFP/ATL paradigm
The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is working on two multi-robot automated fiber and tape placement technologies that could change the paradigm in large-part aerocomposites manufacturing.

Research project claims CFRP part production at half cost, faster throughput

Research project claims CFRP part production at half cost, faster throughput
The iComposite 4.0 project, led by Schuler AG and its partners, has tested its new production process with carbon fiber-reinforced plastic automotive prototype parts.

Elk Grove Technology Park in Chicago

Broetje-Automation to establish U.S. headquarters in Chicago
Long-term lease with Elk Grove Technology Park is part of the company’s plans for an increased footprint in the North American market.

composite automated fiber placement

Broetje-Automation enlarges AFP portfolio for serial composite production
The STAXX product line of automated fiber placement (AFP) machining centers is designed for both thermoplastic and thermoset composite applications.

AZL OPTO-Light project for thermoplastic-overmolded thermoset composites parts

Thermoplastic overmolded thermosets, 2-minute cycle, one cell
Adhesive-free, functionalized hybrid composites enabled by industry-first, integrated molding cell.

Five more exciting months in composites for 2017
As I write this column, we in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the “dog days of summer,” that period from early July until late August when outdoor temperatures and humidity are the highest, and, it seems, business activity is at its lowest.

Preforming goes industrial: Part 1

Preforming goes industrial: Part 1
ATL and AFP-based preforming options now abound for processing dry and/or impregnated reinforcements as quickly as 1 minute or less with potential yearly part yields in the millions.


Automated Preforming, Part 1: Numbers and Landscape
CW’s multi-blog series on preforming begins with an overview and quick look at the numbers: 1-minute take time, 10-15 seconds per layer, 490-kg/hr and 3.5 million parts/year. Are you ready for serial CFRP production?

GKN A350 spar program update
Automated fiber placement to replace established tape laying/drape forming process for the composite rear spars on the new midsize commercial passenger jet.

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