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A materials science-based technology company that manufactures the trademarked Surface Analyst, a fast, easy, accurate and nondestructive surface cleanliness gauge that quantifies how prepared a surface is for bonding, coating, sealing, painting, printing or cleaning.

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Cincinnati, OH 45217 US


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CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: BTG Labs
BTG Labs is featuring its recently launched Surface Analyst XA, an automated solution for evaluating material surfaces for bonding, coating, sealing, painting or printing.

surface adhesion

BTG Labs launches Surface Analyst XA
The XA automates technology employed by the original handheld Surface Analyst unit, increasing the speed and efficiency of surface inspections.

Highlights from AeroDef 2018 aerospace defense manufacturing conference

Composites at AeroDef 2018
Highlights from the Aerospace Defense Manufacturing Conference – AeroDef 2018 include new technologies for tooling, drilling/machining and inspection of advanced composites.

Webinar: Surface treatments for composites bonding
CompositesWorld is presenting a free BTG Labs-sponsored webinar on Oct. 17 at 2:00 p.m. EDT titled, “Development and control of surface treatments for adhesive bonding of composites.”

Webinar: Understanding, controlling the bond surface
CompositesWorld is presenting a free BTG Labs-sponsored webinar on Oct. 6, 2:00 pm EDT, titled "Understanding and Controlling the Bond Surface in Manufacturing for Reliable Adhesive Bonding of Composites."

Wet and dry peel plies
Thinking of using only peel ply as adhesive bonding surface prep? You should understand all of the issues involved.

Handheld surface analysis
BTG Labs (Cincinnati, OH, US) has introduced the Surface Analyst, a handheld solution for use in the field, in the lab and on the factory floor.

adhesive bonding

Plasma treatment as surface preparation for adhesive bonding
Concurrent with the TRUST program's development of process control, it is addressing the need for more robust surface prep. methods.

Building TRUST in bonded primary structures
A DARPA program aims for certification via Bayesian process control system for the factory floor, bounding uncertainty and predicting reliability in real-time.

NDI and NDT methods for process control
There are three main nondestructive inspection technologies currently under development to help qualify surface preparation techniques for adhesively bonded aerospace surfaces evaluate the quality of both the prepared surfaces and the final bonded joint.

Certification of bonded composite primary structures
OEMs develop technology to quantify uncertainty in pursuit of the no-bolt bondline.

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