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Product Categories of Bagging Systems

Acrylic, Film
Acrylic, Other
Acrylic, Solvent-based
Adhesive bonding
Autoclave cure
Autoclave cure
Bismaleimide, Film
Bismaleimide, Other
Bismaleimide, Solvent-based
Bladder molding equipment (formerly pressure bag)
Bonding equipment
Consulting, materials
Consulting, process development
Cyanoacrylate, Film
Cyanoacrylate, Other
Cyanoacrylate, Solvent-based
Epoxy, Film
Epoxy, Other
Epoxy, Solvent-based
Gasket materials for vacuum bags
Hand layup
Hand layup
Heater blankets
Integrally heated
Mandrels, inflatable
Metal bonding
Metal, aluminum
Nylon, Film
Nylon, Other
Nylon, Solvent-based
Other coating materials
Other, Film
Other, Other
Other, Solvent-based
Phenolic, Film
Phenolic, Other
Phenolic, Solvent-based
Polyimide, Film
Polyimide, Other
Polyimide, Solvent-based
Presses, compression molding
Presses, laminating
Presses, low-pressure
Presses, vacuum
Pressure forming
Silicone, Film
Silicone, Other
Silicone, Solvent-based
Urethane, Film
Urethane, Other
Urethane, Solvent-based
Vacuum bagging materials, silicone
Vacuum formers
Vacuum/repair tables (heated/unheated)
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding equipment (VARTM