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Filament Winding Machines & Production Lines

Filament winding machines & filament winding production lines are our core business. Autonational Composites has 40 years of experience in filament winders for high volume production but also for low volumes that require high accuracy and reproducibility. Our engineers are experts in this field and can help with any manufacturing challenge you may have, regarding filament wound products for the applications in markets AerospaceAutomotiveInfrastructure and Energy.

Standard filament winders - Our range of standard winders can be operated stand-alone but are also prepared for integration in a semi-automatic or automated filament winding production line. We offer machines with full functionality and a wide range of options. Every standard winder can be provided with dedicated add-ons as per your specific production challenge.

Semi-automatic production line s for filament winding - We offer complete semi-automatic production lines, including winder, (tensioned) creel, resin tray & resin farm, mandrels & tooling, extractor, continuous or box curing oven,  cutting/drilling/milling station, test systems and logistic conveyor systems.

Automation of filament winding production lines – Main benefits of  automation are increasing output, efficiency, quality, reliability and reproducibility. These are critical issues to reduce costs and increase your competitivity. If you consider automation, then we can offer winder cut systems, mandrel & product warehouses, monorail units, test machinery, manipulators and of course system integration & overall programming greatly depending on production output, redundancy and degree of automation.

Filament winding products include tanks, (pressure) vessels, tubes, pipes, poles, struts, drive shafts, prop shafts, cones, slide bearings and all other cylindrical shapes. Among the used fibers are glass, Carbon and Kevlar.

Autonational Composites uses existing technologies and we invent what does not exist! Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your challenge.

Autonational, Dare to Excel!

A Message from AUTONATIONAL Composites BV

CAMX & Composites Europe 2017

Our team would love to meet you at one of the upcoming shows: CAMX, Orlando, December 2017, booth J87.

40th anniversary Autonational

A special word of gratitude from our Managing Director Harm Munneke

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A Filament Winder Buyer's Guide
Specifying that new machine with your process and product in mind.

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