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Solvay assumes direct service of its composite materials business in the Asia Pacific Region
Specialty material distributor Argosy and Solvay sign agreement to transition advanced materials business. 

machine in Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Center

Harbin Hafei Airbus partners with Plataine and Argosy for improved traceability, efficiency and yield
Joint venture composites manufacturing center implements Plataine solution for tracking parts, materials and tools.

Argosy International expands on Taiwan expansion
Argosy’s composites manufacturing services manager, Thibaud Brunel, recently agreed to answer some questions about Argosy’s activities in the APAC aerospace sector.

Argosy building

Distributors and their role
These key players in the supply chain provide indispensable services not just in the commodity markets but in advanced material arenas as well.

Product Categories of Argosy International Inc.

Acrylic, Film
Acrylic, Foam
Acrylic, Hot melt
Acrylic, Paste
Acrylic, Solvent-based
Aramid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Aramid, 5-harness
Aramid, 8-harness
Aramid, Basket-weave
Aramid, Braided
Aramid, Multiaxial
Aramid, Plain-weave
Aramid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Aramid, Twill
Aramid, Woven roving
Aramid/glass hybrid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Aramid/glass hybrid, 5-harness
Aramid/glass hybrid, 8-harness
Aramid/glass hybrid, Basket-weave
Aramid/glass hybrid, Braided
Aramid/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
Aramid/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
Aramid/glass hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Aramid/glass hybrid, Twill
Aramid/glass hybrid, Woven roving
Backup structures
Basalt, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Basalt, 5-harness
Basalt, 8-harness
Basalt, Basket-weave
Basalt, Braided
Basalt, Multiaxal
Basalt, Plain-weave
Basalt, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Basalt, Twill
Basalt, Woven roving
Bismaleimide (BMI)
Bismaleimide, >12K tow
Bismaleimide, 12-inch tape
Bismaleimide, 3-inch tape
Bismaleimide, 60-inch tape
Bismaleimide, 6-inch tape
Bismaleimide, Fabric
Bismaleimide, Film
Bismaleimide, Foam
Bismaleimide, Hot melt
Bismaleimide, Mat
Bismaleimide, Other broadgoods
Bismaleimide, Other tape
Bismaleimide, Paste
Bismaleimide, Roving
Bismaleimide, Solvent-based
Bleeder cloths
Breather cloths
Bulk molding (BMC)
Carbon, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Carbon, 5-harness
Carbon, 8-harness
Carbon, Basket-weave
Carbon, Braided
Carbon, Multiaxial
Carbon, PAN-based
Carbon, pitch-based
Carbon, Plain-weave
Carbon, rayon-based
Carbon, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon, Twill
Carbon, Woven roving
Carbon/aramid hybrid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Carbon/aramid hybrid, 5-harness
Carbon/aramid hybrid, 8-harness
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Basket-weave
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Braided
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Multiaxial
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Plain-weave
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Twill
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Woven roving
Carbon/carbon composites
Carbon/glass hybrid, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Carbon/glass hybrid, 5-harness
Carbon/glass hybrid, 8-harness
Carbon/glass hybrid, Basket-weave
Carbon/glass hybrid, Braided
Carbon/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
Carbon/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
Carbon/glass hybrid, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon/glass hybrid, Twill
Carbon/glass hybrid, Woven roving
Ceramic, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Ceramic, 5-harness
Ceramic, 8-harness
Ceramic, Basket-weave
Ceramic, Braided
Ceramic, Multiaxial
Ceramic, Plain-weave
Ceramic, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Ceramic, Twill
Ceramic, Woven roving
C-glass, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
C-glass, 5-harness
C-glass, 8-harness
C-glass, Basket-weave
C-glass, Braided
C-glass, Multiaxial
C-glass, Plain-weave
C-glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
C-glass, Twill
C-glass, Woven roving
Chopped fiber
Cleaners, solvents
Cleaners, surfactants
Cleaners, water-based
Commingled/cowoven/coserved yarns
Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
Composite, fiberglass
Composite, prepreg
Compression molding
Continuous fiber
Curing agents, amines
Curing agents, others
Custom compounding and blending
Custom compounding and blending
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Cyanate ester
Cyanate ester, <12K tow
Cyanate ester, >12K tow
Cyanate ester, 12-inch tape
Cyanate ester, 3-inch tape
Cyanate ester, 60-inch tape
Cyanate ester, 6-inch tape
Cyanate ester, Fabric
Cyanate ester, Mat
Cyanate ester, Other broadgoods
Cyanate ester, Other tape
Cyanate ester, Roving
Cyanoacrylate, Film
Cyanoacrylate, Foam
Cyanoacrylate, Hot melt
Cyanoacrylate, Paste
Cyanoacrylate, Solvent-based
E-Glass, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
E-Glass, 5-harness
E-Glass, 8-harness
E-Glass, Basket-weave
E-Glass, Braided
E-Glass, Multiaxial
E-Glass, Plain-weave
E-Glass, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
E-Glass, Twill
E-Glass, Woven roving
Epoxy, <12K tow
Epoxy, >12K tow
Epoxy, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure
Epoxy, 250 F cure, <12K tow
Epoxy, 250 F cure, >12K tow
Epoxy, 250 F cure, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, 3-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, 6-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Fabric
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Mat
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Other broadgoods
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Other tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Roving
Epoxy, 350 F cure
Epoxy, 350 F cure, <12K tow
Epoxy, 350 F cure, >12K tow
Epoxy, 350 F cure, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, 350 F cure, 3-inch tape
Epoxy, 350 F cure, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, 350 F cure, 6-inch tape
Epoxy, 350 F cure, Fabric
Epoxy, 350 F cure, Mat
Epoxy, 350 F cure, Other broadgoods
Epoxy, 350 F cure, Other tape
Epoxy, 350 F cure, Roving
Epoxy, 3-inch tape
Epoxy, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, 6-inch tape
Epoxy, Fabric
Epoxy, Film
Epoxy, Foam
Epoxy, Hot melt
Epoxy, Mat
Epoxy, Other broadgoods
Epoxy, Other tape
Epoxy, Paste
Epoxy, Roving
Epoxy, Solvent-based
Epoxy, toughened
Epoxy, toughened, <12K tow
Epoxy, toughened, >12K tow
Epoxy, toughened, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, toughened, 3-inch tape
Epoxy, toughened, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, toughened, 6-inch tape
Epoxy, toughened, Fabric
Epoxy, toughened, Mat
Epoxy, toughened, Other broadgoods
Epoxy, toughened, Other tape
Epoxy, toughened, Roving
Expendable materials
Fairing compounds (formerly paste systems)
Fasteners, composite
Fasteners, for honeycomb
Filler paste
Film and sheet
Flame retardant
Flexible mold materials
Foam core, epoxy
Foam core, polyimide
Foam core, polyurethane
Gasket materials for vacuum bags
Graphite, monolithic
Hand layup tools (cutters, rollers, scissors, etc.)
Heater blankets
Heat-transfer fluid
Honeycomb structures
Honeycomb, aluminum
Honeycomb, aramid
Honeycomb, foam-filled
Hoses, pressure
Hoses, vacuum
Hot bonders
Hybrid commingled fibers
Hybrid fiber
Hybrid materials
Laminate panels, with core
Low-pressure molding
Mandrels, inflatable
Marine, other
Mass cast acrylic
Master pattern material, other
Master pattern material, polymeric
Metal bonding
Metal bonding
Metallized, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Metallized, 5-harness
Metallized, 8-harness
Metallized, Basket-weave
Metallized, Braided
Metallized, Multiaxial
Metallized, Plain-weave
Metallized, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Metallized, Twill
Metallized, Woven roving
Mold cleaners
Mold polishes
Moldmaking and patternmaking
Moldmaking and patternmaking
Monolithic graphite
Nylon, Film
Nylon, Foam
Nylon, Hot melt
Nylon, Paste
Nylon, Solvent-based
Other composite structures
Other core materials
Other thermoplastic prepregs
Other, <12K tow
Other, >12K tow
Other, 12-inch tape
Other, 3-inch tape
Other, 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Other, 5-harness
Other, 60-inch tape
Other, 6-inch tape
Other, 8-harness
Other, Basket-weave
Other, Braided
Other, Fabric
Other, Film
Other, Foam
Other, Hot melt
Other, Mat
Other, Multiaxial
Other, Other broadgoods
Other, Other tape
Other, Paste
Other, Plain-weave
Other, Roving
Other, Solvent-based
Other, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Other, Twill
Other, Woven roving
Paint strippers for composites
Peel plies
Peel plies, nylon
Peel plies, polyester
Phenolic, <12K tow
Phenolic, >12K tow
Phenolic, 12-inch tape
Phenolic, 3-inch tape
Phenolic, 60-inch tape
Phenolic, 6-inch tape
Phenolic, Fabric
Phenolic, Film
Phenolic, Foam
Phenolic, Hot melt
Phenolic, Mat
Phenolic, Other broadgoods
Phenolic, Other tape
Phenolic, Paste
Phenolic, Roving
Phenolic, Solvent-based
Polyester (PET)
Polyester, unsaturated, <12K tow
Polyester, unsaturated, >12K tow
Polyester, unsaturated, 12-inch tape
Polyester, unsaturated, 3-inch tape
Polyester, unsaturated, 60-inch tape
Polyester, unsaturated, 6-inch tape
Polyester, unsaturated, Fabric
Polyester, unsaturated, Mat
Polyester, unsaturated, Other broadgoods
Polyester, unsaturated, Other tape
Polyester, unsaturated, Roving
Polyether ketone family (PEK, PEKK, PEEK)
Polyimide, <12K tow
Polyimide, >12K tow
Polyimide, 12-inch tape
Polyimide, 3-inch tape
Polyimide, 60-inch tape
Polyimide, 6-inch tape
Polyimide, Fabric
Polyimide, Film
Polyimide, Foam
Polyimide, Hot melt
Polyimide, Mat
Polyimide, Other broadgoods
Polyimide, Other tape
Polyimide, Paste
Polyimide, Roving
Polyimide, Solvent-based
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)
Preform screens
Protective clothing
Prototype, plaster
Pultrusion dies
Quick disconnects for vacuum hoses
Release agents, internal
Release agents, liquid
Release agents, sprays
Release films
Release films, for prepreg
Release films, for vacuum bagging
Release papers, coated
Repair kits and equipment
Resin injection
Resin transfer molding (RTM)
Resin transfer molding (RTM)
RTM/resin infusion
Sealing tapes and materials
Sheet molding (SMC)
Silicone, Film
Silicone, Foam
Silicone, Hot melt
Silicone, Paste
Silicone, Solvent-based
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 4-harness (crowsfoot)
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 5-harness
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 8-harness
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Basket-weave
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Braided
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Multiaxial
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Plain-weave
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Twill
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Woven roving
Surfacing veils
Syntactic core, expanding
Syntactic core, nonexpanding
Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,
Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,
Thermoplastic, short fiber-reinforced
Tooling prepreg
Tow or roving
Ultrahigh-molecular-weight (UHMW) polyethylene
Unsaturated polyester
Urethane, Film
Urethane, Foam
Urethane, Hot melt
Urethane, Paste
Urethane, Solvent-based
Vacuum bagging materials, for >600 F
Vacuum bagging materials, nylon
Vacuum bagging materials, other
Vacuum bagging materials, polymide
Vacuum bagging materials, reusable
Vacuum bagging materials, silicone
Vacuum valves and pumps
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
Vinyl ester
Vinyl ester, <12K tow
Vinyl ester, >12K tow
Vinyl ester, 12-inch tape
Vinyl ester, 3-inch tape
Vinyl ester, 60-inch tape
Vinyl ester, 6-inch tape
Vinyl ester, Fabric
Vinyl ester, Mat
Vinyl ester, Other broadgoods
Vinyl ester, Other tape
Vinyl ester, Roving
Wiping cloths