Additive manufacturing (3D printing) of Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic materials.

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Arevo launches on-demand 3D printing program
Arevo is unveiling at JEC World its new MaaS program for the on-demand production of ultra-strong, lightweight 3D-printed composite parts.

Top composites news stories of 2019
The top 10 most viewed composites news stories of 2019.

Arevo, AGC Inc. partner to provide 3D-printed composite parts manufacturing services in Japan
AGC will provide a manufacturing as a service platform using Arevo’s Aqua 3D printer, which prints aerospace-grade CF/PEEK thermoplastic composite parts.

On the road with CompositesWorld
CW Senior Editor Scott Francis offers a recap of recent composites industries events including CAMX 2019 and SPE ACCE 2019. 

Arevo to produce Pilot 3D-printed composite bike frames
The carbon fiber composite unibody bike frames were unveiled at Eurobike 2019.

Arevo introduces 3D-printed carbon fiber unibody bike frame and rim
Arevo will display its 3D-printed carbon fiber unibody production bike frame and 3D-printed thermoplastic rim at Eurobike 2019.

CAMX to host Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites
Co-located with CAMX, the event explores the connection between AM and continuous fiber reinforcement.

3D-printed bicycle

Emery launches 3D-printed eBike frame
The Emery ONE, the world’s first 3D-printed eBike, was developed in collaboration with Arevo, Franco Bicycles and Bosch.

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Moving continuous-fiber 3D printing into production
With patents proliferating and production applications emerging, 3D printing with continuous fiber reinforcement is poised for significant market growth.

moi composites continuous fiber manufacturing 3D printing

3D printing is missing the third dimension
Emerging processes like continuous fiber manufacturing, in-situ consolidation and tool-less manufacturing are bringing composite 3D printing into the third dimension.

AREVO 3D printed eBike

AREVO launches battery-assisted 3D printed carbon-fiber frame bike
Company partners with Oechsler on a second application demonstrating its software-controlled additive manufacturing process.

Arevo in 2018: Industrialized production of continuous fiber 3D-printed parts
With new CEO and $12.5 million in B-series financing, Arevo will have eight direct energy deposition (DED) cells attacking its parts production backlog by year-end.

AREVO Inc. 3D-printed composite part

AREVO composite additive manufacturing: the future of AFP?
Its multi-axis, continuous fiber technology eliminates tooling, matches strength of titanium parts at 1/3 the weight and cuts part cost vs. hand layup/autoclave cure by a factor of 5.

Additive manufacturing and composites: An update
Additive manufacturing has only begun to tap the potential available in the composite industry.

Additive manufacturing comes to composites fabrication
The use of continuous fiber in additive manufacturing systems is not trivial, but it is being done. As this fabrication technology evolves and matures, options for applying it in everything from automotive to aerospace to consumer composites will expand tremendously, creating a host of new opportunities for the composites industry. Read here for who is providing what kind of additive manufacturing technology for use in composites fabrication.

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