American Vacuum Pump Manufacture Inc.

Manufactures high-vacuum pumps (29.9 inches/Hg). All vacuum pumps are manufactured in California and are backed by a five-year warranty. The company builds pumps from 25-cfm to 2,000-cfm capacity.

4735 Industrial St., Ste. 4-H
Santa Susana, CA 93063 US


Product Categories of American Vacuum Pump Manufacture Inc.

Primary manufacturing equipment
  • Autoclaves
  • Autoclaves, lab size
  • Bladder molding equipment (formerly pressure bag)
  • Casting equipment
  • Metal matrix composite casting machines
  • Preform manufacturing equipment
  • Used primary equipment
  • Vacuum formers
  • Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding equipment (VARTM
  • Other primary manufacturing equipment
Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
    • Used auxiliary equipment
    • Vacuum storage chambers
Fiber converting/prepreg manufacturing equipment
  • Used equipment
Testing, gauging, monitoring, analytical equipment and software
  • Environmental testing equipment
Fabricating services
  • Thermoplastic materials
    • Vacuum forming
    • Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
  • Thermoset materials
    • Pressure forming
    • Vacuum forming
Composite Structures & Components
  • Pressure vessels
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • Repair services, composites
  • Repair services, equipment and machines
  • Surplus/salvage buyers
  • Other services