Solid carbide cutting tools for aerospace, automotive and composite components.

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Business briefs: May 2016
ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd. and recycled carbon fiber.

OSG USA acquires AMAMCO Tool & Supply Co. Inc.
AMAMCO will continue to operate in Duncan, SC, US, as an independent company, led by new president Jon Salem.

Searching for composites-friendly machine tools
This is IMTS week, where "composites" is a foreign word to much of the machine tool industry. It's not too hard, however, to find suppliers who know their way around composite structures.

Shop practice impacts drilling success
When you're drilling holes in composites, there are many variables that must be considered. Some factors that have an impact on success are process and shop driven. The following are industry best practices that have been demonstrated to maximize hole quality and drilling efficiency with composites.

Online access to machine tool knowledge
Machine tool manufacturers have developed a variety of online tools that give customers in the composites industry access to lessons learned, best practices and information about the latest machine tool technologies.

Hole ambitions! Optimize? Customize?
Matching the drill tool to the job can save thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars.

New website highlights use of carbide cutting tools
AMAMCO launches website about use of carbide cutting tools that offers articles, multimedia features and videos produced by industry experts and commentators; included is information on machining of composites.

Machining carbon composites: Risky business
As composites take a larger part (and form larger parts) in the aerospace structures sector, it’s not just a make-it-or-break-it proposition.

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Skinning the F-35 fighter
Fasteneing the all-composites skin on the Lightning II requires machining and drilling technology that is optimized for cost-efficiency.

Chemical vapor deposition of diamond material helps reduce cutting time, increase quality for JSF wing skins
Who wouldn’t give $105,000 to gain $222 million? Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. (LMAC, Ft. Worth, Texas) did and in the process was able to fabricate dimension-critical aerostructures more efficiently, more accurately, and faster. LMAC is a major components manufacturer for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), the

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