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GENOA Progressive Failure Analysis: FEA code is used for advanced material and structures to predict D&DT. It predicts crack initiation and propagation, delamination and the progressive failure of monolithic, laminated composites (polymer-, ceramic-, metal-matrix), and 2D-3D woven/stitched fiber architectures.

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Progressive failure analysis software
AlphaSTAR Corp. has launched the newest version of its multiscale progressive failure analysis suite, GENOA 5.

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Software-based micromechanical modeling and analysis methods promise faster and more cost-effective aircraft development and testing programs.

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Composites simulation software(2)
Alpha Star Corp. (Long Beach, Calif.) has issued GENOA 4.3, the latest version of its software suite designed to augment commercial finite element analysis (FEA) packages by providing progressive failure analysis (PFA) capability. The latest release is said to contain significant improvements in its PFA module an

Remote FEA access add-on - 10/1/2007
Software developer Alpha STAR Corp. (Long Beach, Calif.) has introduced CVT 2.0, an add-on package for the company’s GENOA finite element analysis (FEA) software package that allows customers to use the program through the Internet via a remote client framework. The software is installed on a central server where

Remote FEA access add-on
Software developer Alpha STAR Corp. (Long Beach, Calif.) has introduced CVT 2.0, an add-on package for the company’s GENOA software package that allows customers to use GENOA through the Internet using a remote-client framework. CVT allows GENOA to be installed on a central server where multiple users may

NISA II/Compsoite screen shot

FEA Roundup: Design, Simulation And Analysis Converge
New modeling and analysis software products increase the accessibility and reliability of finite element analysis data.

Testing Software
Alpha Star (Long Beach, Calif.) has packaged its Virtual Crack Closure Technique and Discrete Cohesive Zone Model (VCCT/DCZM) capabilities with its new Material Characterization Optimization (MCO) modules, which have been to the GENOA GENOA-MCO 4.0 virtual testing modular software. VCCT and DCZM are fracture

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SAMPE 2005 Product Showcase
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Post-show review of the 2004 U.S. SAMPE Symposium
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GENOA modeling software closely predicts composite structuralfailure
Progressive failure analysis and material-level damage modeling enable life prediction of composite structures.

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